Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{Give-Away!} Modest Sea

Dearest readers, serendipitous blog-hoppers, friends, family, & creeps who receive gratification by searching for absurdity on Google...and find my blog,

I have not been a very good blogger. I understand these once-a-month tirades have been especially problematic for those individuals who, for some reason, actually read & enjoy UUU. Fear not, I am making it up to you all, by hosting a give-away!

As most of the northern hemisphere is warming up (although, if we're being technical, the entire earth is purportedly warming up), this give-away couldn't come at a better time!
The prize is a modest swimsuit, of your choice from Modest Sea!
The company, besides winning my approval for their great punniness, offer swimsuits for both moderate & full coverage. You can even mix and match pieces. They've also got a pretty great info-graphic explaining their non-wetting fabric:

Contest Rules:
1. Leave a comment below stating which swimsuit is your favourite & why.
2. Also tell me your favourite summer memory.
3. Leave me your contact info. Re: email. Also, if you want, post a link to your own blog/site!
I'd also encourage you guys to leave some comments about what you think of the company itself - they're always open to feedback! & if you'd like, link this post and their website into your own blog post about the contest.

The contest will end 2 weeks from now, on Mar. 28, 2012, 11:59 pm PST.

The most creative response, as judged by yours truly, will win! Still, fear not - there's still a treat for the rest of you who may not win! Come visit my blog again in 2 weeks to find out what it is!

My modest sea pick?
The "Alex & Sabrina Set" (
small main_image
Of course, I enjoy the kaleidoscopic print. It's also a 1-piece, which suits my needs for convenience as even the headwear is attached.

Well, good luck, friends!
& here's to more days like the one below, in which aimlessly staring at bodies of water under the rays of sun in mild weather are the norm:

(mini) who what wear?
dress: thrifted, $3
floral jacket: thrifted, $6