Thursday, July 29, 2010

Photo Diary: Our 167, 234, 678th Trip to L.A.!

Can you say Cutie Patootie!? A candid shot of a definite cutie patootie.
Use your imagination kiddos, there's a picturesque skyline behind me.
This location right here has sentimental value. Really.
Six Flags Magic Mountain...the ride is called Deja Vu. It has loops and twists and turns and spins get the idea?
WE LIKE BIG, RED TELEPHONE BOOTHS AND WE CANNOT LIE. We also cannot look in the camera's eye?
Chilling like villains in downtown L.A.'s 'Syrup.'
Oh hey. Just acting like a tourist.

Monday, July 26, 2010


FACT: I am the worst blogger ever (because I seldom post regularly. Hopefully not because of content! *weak smile*).

BUT THIS FACT IS SORT OF JUSTIFIED...I've been vacationing for a month.
(Sh'aap. I deserve it. I was forced to take AP Chem out of my will).

Will be home in a few days, homes.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dear Future Soulmate Boy,

Do I have your full and undivided attention?
I better. (Sorry, my rude tone is supposed to come off as lustful, like y'know, take-charge-woo. Is it working? I bet it is).

A friend of a friend of a friend of mine's was proposed to in the most elaborate, sweet and envy-inducing way. Swept her off her feet, I bet he did. Made her swoon, I bet he did. Let's call it...the Awesome Proposal. (Descriptive vocabulary fit for this generation, I believe?).

Hey Future Soulmate Boy (FSB), better grab a pen (ballpoint, maybe?) and a piece of paper (Scented. Just a suggestion). Take some notes, why don't you? (This is not a fervent suggestion, this is an order. Follow it. Um, please?)

I'll lay it out in an easy-to-follow, logical, numbered procession. I hear long pieces of prose are tedious to read for about 67% of males. (I don't know, I'm making up statistics here. This is supposed to come off as if  I am a creative and adaptable person. Is it working? I bet it is).

1. Prior to said Awesome Proposal being carried out, have a chat with my parents. Tell them what you are planning to do. (Under any circumstances do not let them act as chaperones. Not only will this effectively swivel away any ounce of romance, it will imitate an arranged-married sort of situation. 'Nuff said, right? Ew.) Gotta keep things halal still, you know how we dooo?

2. Tell me we are going to an amusement park. (Disneyland was the preferred choice for this friend-of -a-friend-of-a-friend's-now-husband. Seeing as I [we] will probably not be residents of Southern California in the next 10 years, [this is the time frame within which I must meet you. No rush, hey?] Disneyland seems improbable. Let's hope the Greater Vancouver region decides to construct another amusement park, other than Playland. However, it will be amusing if Awesome Proposal will be carried out in the same locale as I, as a mere prepubescent girl/woman, went on a field trip to, for the first time in the 7th grade).

3. Call the amusement park people well ahead of time, and arrange something special. (Like I don't know, reserving a boat at a boat ride at the amusement park of choice. Perhaps a phalanx of chiseled Greek-god-resembling violin players could play a harmonious rendition of one of my favourite romantic songs [You could ask about which romantic song to have playing prior to Awesome Proposal. My taste in music is volatile, changes with a press of the FORWARD button . I can't tell you now, sorry!]. You could hire a skywriter, have sparkling apple cider chilling in an ice bucket, compromise with the fireworks people to have fireworks go off at The Right know, nothing big].

4. Propose! Get down on one knee, fish out a box with a ring the literal size of a ring pop (but not a ring pop); and say Those Words. (This is supposed to come off as if I'm a person with balanced perspectives of life. An unconventional individual with the right amount of traditional-y views and stuff. Is it working? I bet it is).

And that's it! BAM, DUNZO. And what have you won? My heart.

Tudhffufurfmooncvkcopakjsdjdj--hahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha. *sputters with uncontrollable laughter*
Alright, that's even too corny for me. And I live for the corn!

Seriously, though, I hope you got all that, FSB.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I don't mind being an academic recluse! I really don't!

This post will be quite brief.
It will be terse.
It will not lack brevity.
(So, studying SAT words does come in handy, hm. This is good. Especially since I decided not to take 'em, dear god).

It will swiftly and *eloquently* bring about Music of Summers Past. It will do so, without farther ado:


AND BAM! zinga zinga.

ALSO, YAY, I HAVE HAD SOME NEW FOLLOWERS! whoop whoop. This calls for more than two 'whoops', actually: whoop! I will be checking out blogs as soon as I'm home! (Can you believe I already am 500 posts behind on bloglovin'!? Whoa. I love cyberspace a little too much).

Ciao bellissimas! *continues soaking up the California sun*

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


That's right, folks! Not only am I blogging from another city..but it's a whole 'nother province! Er, state. A whole 'nother country, even!
I'll have you know, this is our 456,675,786th time here in L.A., so we're past all that tourist-y stuff.
But come on, we can't resist doing some: we'll be just nearly missing death at Six Flags Magic Mountain soon, whoop whoop! 
And the best way to celebrate July 4th in Los Angelatos as Canadians? Drown out your cousins hollering of The Pledge of Allegiance with an equally loud (but more harmonious) rendition of the Canadian National Anthem. Ha! ;)

Here's a blurry phone picture that fully justifies we are in the City of Angels (me and dumb sis are pictured):
LOook! Palm trees! (but you can't even see our pinkberry--that's sooo L.A!)
Hola, mi amigos!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I've gone mad with plaid but at least summer is rad. Ha!

The summer of twenty ten has been phantasmagorical and sufficiently satisfying (thus far) because:
  • when post-graduating plans of traveling to Japan dissolve, as expected, a day trip to Harrison Hot Springs with your 6 BFF's masks any disappointment.
I can count. I realize there are only 3 in this photo. Shut up, conscience!
  • when one of said 6 BFF's decides to pursue her post-secondary education in India, a surprise farewell party will definitely put everyone in good spirit. And although you will miss her very very very much, you realize that she must leave. After all, becoming a doctor is something you can't tamper with. AND YOU DON'T FAIL TO FORGET: SKYPE!
Manmeet and I! I love you! I miss you already! Are you reading this!? I hope so!
Manmeet and I at grad. Looking all spiffy and whatnot.
  • when you traipse around UBC, emulating newbie highschool freshmen, you realize that you may actually start feeling excited about starting university come September. You may also actually BE A LITTLE OKAY WITH NOT GOING TO MCGILL (gasp). (Of course, realizing that there is a nude beach within five minutes of campus is certainly nothing to induce said excitement. duh).

Pretty, no!?

  • you watch Shakespear's 'Much Ado About Nothing' at Bard on the Beach with some cool people in tow. And find it TOTES HILARS. 

  • [and finally...] you're leaving for sunny California tomorrow! Yeehaw! 
♪♫ " I hopped off the plane at LAX
with a dream and my cardigan..." ♪♫ ♪♫ 
 So yeah. Summer's pretty swell. :)
**smooth transition to outfit post part**
This one's from the archives. I've been a very naughty fashion blogger and have not been taking 
outfit photos lately! 
Oh! Look at that modelly-ness! hah. no.
baby got bac
who what wear? 

  • plaid shirt: Dad's  

  • quilted chain purse: thrifted
  •  studded belt: Warehouse One, $2.50
  • jewelery: Claire's, Pakistan, Jules & James, DIY

Goodbye, all you radical people!