About Me

Who? I've been making orientalists sob uncontrollably since 1992. I also never (just started) say my age directly, but make individuals deduce it through clever, witty & complicated (really simple) one-liners. One half of my cultural identity is Pakistani. The other Canadian. That makes me Pakistani-Canadian (a misnomer, according to many. But I don't listen to many). Let's see, what else? I'm Muslim, a radical leftist, an undergraduate at UBC studying International Relations...
...at this point, I must inform you that I hate labels, but I have an affinity for making lists. I guess this is the complex, nuanced shit you'll have to take from me.

What? Under Urooba’s Umbrella chronicles the experimentation of life. Many errors occur but there are a proliferation of successful trials as well.

Where? Situated in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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