Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[2nd Bi-Annual Hijabi Fashion Week]: Day 3-Work Out Wear!

You are forewarned.
Proceed forward with caution.
Extreme caution.
'Cause I am breathtaking in work out wear. No traces of dorkiness in sight. Just full on beauty, I am.
Work out wear really emphasizes all my desirable qualities.
You have been forewarned.
Come at me, bro.
who what wear?
  • red shirt: my sister's (says Jamal right above my butt.  Bombshell-esque, no?)
  • black track pants: my sister's (notice they are still not sweatpants! ;) Vehemently dislike said type of  trousers).
  • adidas running shoes" my sister's (are we seeing a common theme here?)
  • hijab: courtesy of Capsters!*
  • metallic-gold zebra print scarf: H&M, $5 (we were told to 'fashion up' our workout wear--this is the best I can do).

As you may have noticed, the hijab on my head does not resemble the usual one I sport. (Geddit? Oh, chuckle, chuckle). Perhaps because it is made specifically for use during physical activity--a phenomena I up until recently did not partake in voluntarily. One quick run-through of Capster's website (link above) will inform one that they have several 'sports hijabs'. The one I selected was the Runner. According to capsters.com, "Runner is made of breathable material and comes in a variety of colors. The special and light weight material covers your head comfortably letting you transpire easily and keeping your head cool!"
How does it fare, in my humble opinion? I've aggregated my thoughts, rather conveniently, if I do say so myself, in neat little 'Pros and Cons' categories.

  • it's lightweight! One can hardly feel it on.  My other hijabs that are reserved for working out often remind me of their existence with a pull on my chin or with their need to be constantly adjusted.
  • it's tiny! I can roll it up and shove it in my pocket/small bag faster than you can say "Holy moly ravioli,  'aut dosce, aut disce, aut discede' sounds like techno music in my head!"
  • My hair isn't plastered to my forehead under my hijab with sweat. Mind you, I still sweat heaps, but the Runner allows for miraculous speculations to occur, such as hyper-fast drying up of perspiration.
  • There is only one: how it appears to make me resemble an extraterrestrial. I suspect it may be that my choice of colours [of the Runner] is incongruous with what suits me. However, case in point:
Ignore my face! Ignore my face! Ignore my face! Ignore my face! Ignore my face! Ignore my face! 
Self-deprecating comments aside, I would recommend a Capsters Runner for those looking for an easy-to-wear (just slip it upon your head!), low-maintenance hijab that simultaneously cools you as you sweat (just like sweat does, heh!) For aesthetic appeal, however, you may have to turn elsewhere. Buy one/browse HERE!
Thus, I rate a Capsters Runner hijab a 7 out of 10. 
Lunge it out!

p.s. there's only one thing that satisfies after a long, grueling workout: an over-priced, frozen, caffeinated, calorie-laden beverage from a certain chain of coffee shops:
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Monday, May 30, 2011

[2nd Bi-Annual Hijabi Fashion Week]: Day Two-Formal Wear "

Welcome to Day Two of HFW May 2011! Today's program is filled to the brim with ( ! <--- that is indeed an exclamation mark; this font be so ghetto).
  • dorky poses!
  • desi masala!
  • chamkeela pan!
  • chamak barak-ness!
  • dhol dhamaka!
  • dorky poses!
who what wear?
  • vintage heels, passed down from Aunt 2. 
  • momma's 80's shalwar kameez
  • 3. gold metallic, zebra-print scarf, $5, H&M

[outfit commentary]: A healthy majority of formal events I tend to attend often accompany a dress code involving desi attire a.k.a. Pakistani/Indian/what-have-you attire. Hence, the traditional shalwar kameez ensemble above. Naturally, I love it 'cause of the bright colours. ('member, my innate disposition to loud hues?)

However, if a formal event was titled 'Prom' *wink, wink*--I'd wear something like this:
Or, if said formal event was a hypothetical date night (italicize and emphasize hypothetical) *wink, wink, wink*--I'd wear something like this:
Still, if said formal event was a summer surprise birthday party for a BFF *wink, wink*--I'd wear something like this:

*Winks accompany old outfit posts. Cutting work in half. Acting all sly.

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Toodles! Thank you for the lovely comments & for following! Muah-virtual love! See y'all tomorrow!

(The preceding section has been unintentionally left blank. I can't get rid of it--it'll have to be tolerated!)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

[2nd Bi-Annual Hjiabi Fashion Week]: Day One - Work Wear "La Mode of Money-Making"

Hey you! Would you like to witness an "international event drawing readers from more than 70 countries" who's main purpose is to "provide inspiration for fashionably modest yet, hijab-friendly attire for all types of occasions"-kinda like Fashion Week, but online, and our version of it!?  Do you dream of seizing the opportunity to be a part of a showcase where "Muslim bloggers showcase new looks everyday for a week under a variety of different categories, ranging from work to weekend wear and everything in between?" Do you salivate at the prospect of knowing this event "isn't only for Muslims or Hijabis, [but] for anyone with an interest in dressing fashionably modest?"

Well then, let me be the first to inform you that the apocalypse (re: May 21st) just may have been good for you, for all your primal desires are being fulfilled!

Yup, it's that time of the year again: Hijabi Fashion Week. November 2010's event was so successful that it would have been criminal not to hold it again. This year, the lovely organizers  (Em from Modesty Theory and Asma from Haute Muslimah) have made the event bigger and better--we've got sponsors and giveaways galore! (http://www.lovehfw.com

You're going to want to check  UUU every single day! Don't roll your eyes and snort in a neo-barbaric manner--yours truly is actually going to be blogging 7 consecutive days in a row! I swear by the hairs on my chinny-chin-chin.

Starting today. With work wear, as it has been made plaintively obvious by the post title.
This photo symbolizes the over-lapping [of emotions], mental-disorder-inducing, kaleidoscopic process that is choosing a career. 
A timeline of my career prospects:
  • age 0 to grade three: indifferent/unaware. Was Teacher's Pet so the tasks of handing out worksheets, admiring shiny gold star stickers, and rolling my eyes snootily at the delinquents who gave wrong answers was the only job that provided me with true satisfaction. I did not need to consider other options.
  • grade four to grade five: an artist. Ah, Neil Buchanan from 'Art Attack' (OMG--WHO REMEMBERS!?!?!) had such a profound impact on me. Blissfully unaware of the "starving-artist complex", I was sure I wanted nothing else to do in life but sketch profiles of 25 year old women and Mickey mouse. (I got pretty darn good, if I do say so myself).
[photo, in order to break up text]:

  •   grade seven: Here is an actual quote from my grade seven yearbook: "In 10 years I'll probably be studying to be something--I don't know what it is yet. Hopefully, I'll be a part-time interior designer or fashion designer. Psst--my parents want me to be a doctor, but I don't want to!" Haha.
  • grades eight through the second-last month of grade twelve: Doctor. Duh. Dermatologist, if matters of specificity are not to be taken lightly. Why consider anything else? (Some of you older blog readers have lived through this shift! :))
  • this past year: I don't know and I am perfectly content with this as of right now. :) Diplomacy, law, journalism? Activist for a non-profit organization, documentarian, photojournalist, snooty academic? 
who what wear? 
  • electric blue blazer, $5, Value Village 
  • black stiletto booties, $5, random thrift store

  • blue metallic button up, $3, thrifted

  • silver metallic over-sized snakeskin clutch, $4, thrifted

  • 4. [outfit commentary]: Most professions require a blazer. However, it need not be boring. Electric blue is a deviation from your usual grays, blacks and navies. But haven't you heard?--I like to deviate. Add some power-heels (a la 'power suit'), and you're good to go. Good to rake in dough like a bourgeois.   
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    • To see how I styled 'Work Wear' during HFW Novemeber 2010 click HERE! 
    • To see how girls from around the globe dress for work/will dress for work click HERE!

Toodles! See you tomorrow for Day Two!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Tale of the Girl with the Tumblr

      Once upon a time, many many millenniums ago, there lived a young lass, in the faraway, secluded temperate rainforests of British Columbia.
       Because she enjoyed infiltrating every aspect of the social media and the then-new media landscape, she decided to jump on the wagon...and make a Tumblr.
       Now, the truth is jaded, as this tale is very old. Primary and even secondary sources have been destroyed and have eroded over the years. However, there is much speculation as to why this fair young lady decided to create a Tumblr.
       Some suggest that it was the happy medium between her Twitter account and her blogspot.com blog. Twitter's 140 character limit often dampened her spirits, but Blogger's intimidating assumptions that those who used the blogging platform would always publish very long posts, made her quite apprehensive at times too.
      Others mused that it may be that the damsel found it difficult to blog about her other interests on her main blog, Under Urooba's Umbrella (these other interests that extended beyond vintage fashion and writing) not because of fears of haphazard and messy aggregation of content, but because she needed a prompt to blog about such other interests. Such prompts included an article, a video, a picture, etc. Tumblr was set up to be used as an online bulletin board where various media clippings could be posted, and short commentary could accompany said clippings with great ease. This promise of great ease cast a great spell upon the young mademoiselle and she willingly obliged with her inner desires.
       It is also said that the girl's dying wish was to have all of her lovely UUU blog readers follow her on Tumblr. She said she would not haunt those individuals who chose to do so. Here's the link: http://uroobajamaica.tumblr.com/ Just to be safe, y'know?

......So y'all should follow her on Tumblr. I mean, just sayin'. To have a medieval phantom wreaking havoc in your life...oiii. *shudder*

It has also been rumoured, and this here is my own research, the Girl with the Tumblr Blog, was a self-proclaimed maximalist. She defined maximalism as having characteristics of the following photos:
[mini] who what wear? 
photo numero uno:
  • denim jacket: Fas in Frank's alley sale (post coming about this epicness of epic proportions), ~$1.40
  • red beaded necklace: Value Village, $1
  • studded cuff: VV, $1.50
  • rings: Pakistan
  • silver necklace: Suzy Shier, $1.50
  • blue bubble tank: Ardene's, $5
photo numero deux 
  • gorgeous vintage lace and sequined dress: Fas in Frank's alley sale (post coming about this epicness of epic proportions), ~$1.40
  • pearl and gold chain necklace: gifted, Aldo
  • belt: Joe Fresh, $3
  • gold cuff: gifted, Forever 21
  • black and silver bracelet, gifted
  • crazy cool ring: Charlotte Russe, $1
  • gold and black zebra print scarf, H&M, $5
xoxo, dear comrades. (And 186 followers? Ooo!)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Poetry for Palestine

Here is a little spoken word I performed at an event recently that served as a fundraiser where proceeds went to the Canadian Boat to Gaza.
p.s. I don't actually know how to *do* slam poetry. I just pretend I do.
p.p.s. I'm not particularly proud of these pieces, but hey, writing and performing is always my cup of tea! Anyway, it's content that matters more here. I was actually grateful to have this opportunity 'cause it served as an incentive to learn about the plight of the Palestinian people. I was writing, researching, and learning simultaneously!

 This first piece loosely (emphasis on loosely) follows the Fresh Prince of Belair theme song. I was feeling rather uncreative and took a shortcut. It rhymes, which is suicidal in The Poetry World, but hey, when Will Smith lays down the law, you'd be foolish to act on your own terms. Also, this is based on a true story. (Breaks my <3).

Child prisoner of Israel
My name is Walid and I'm 13 years old
And this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like  to take a minute just sit right there
And I'll tell you how I became a child prisoner of Israel

In the West Bank was where I was born and raised
Amidst damaged infrastructure is where I spent most of my days
Hungry, tired, never attended no school,
I've witnessed shootings of innocents and other things just as cruel
One day I stumbled upon a couple of soldiers who were up to no good
accused me of throwing stones at them, as I walked through my neighbourhood
blindfolded, hand-cuffed, shoved in a jeep and driven away
they said "You're being detained without charge, you have absolutely no say"
My bag filled with rice and meat for dinner that night
lay near the olive tree to be found by my family which they only might
cursed at, humiliated and beaten up by the guards
I was damaged, to the extent of feeling like broken glass shards

I am 13 years old and I have
spent 28 days in prison
been charged 500 shekels for something I did not do
And you call people like me terrorists?

 Hmm well this might be alright
I've gotten off pretty light
At least I haven't been slaughtered in Gaza by Israeli forces
or been forcibly displaced by demolitions and left with few choices
I've only been ethnically subordinated and attacked to make a political point
I mean, I'm only a 13 year old child prisoner of Israel up in this joint

As a Palestinian, I'm charged for a crime like an adult at sixteen
As an Israeli this would occur at eighteen
The torture I received is widespread, systemic and institutionalized
makes me wonder; couldn't they stick to picking individuals their own size?
I was interrogated without a lawyer or family member
ack! But I forgot! who needs justice--remember!?
If anything I can say that peace of mind is rare
Especially when you're a child prisoner of Israel

I may be imprisoned for supposedly throwing stones
But I will not be imprisoned for resisting against my mother's broken bones
I look forward to that day that will finally be here
When 6500 other children and I are no longer  child prisoners of Israel

 Not Just Another Math Problem 
This. This isn't just another math problem.
Because you can multiply occupation, but you can't subtract the right for freedom.
Because you can add violent wars and crude military operations but you cannot subtract the thirst for justice.
Because you can divide families by taking up children as prisoners but you cannot subtract the need for ethics.

This. This isn't just another challenge of the arithmetic variety.
Because you can multiply violations of international laws and human rights, but you cannot add the process of enshrouding them.
Because you can subtract hospitals and homes and houses by bombing them, but you cannot add the justification of this by saying you're defending yourselves against terrorism.
Because you can divide the bodies of Palestinian babies so that their hearts are removed from their childhood experience, but you cannot add the lie that they die because they are child martyrs.

This. This isn't just another mathematical obstacle.
Because you can add the  murder of 1400 people in 21 days, but you cannot multiply the ammunition that serves to fire off this fact so that it is hidden away.
Because you can subtract the recognition of Palestine as a nation, but you cannot multiply your denial of the Palestinian people without seeming delirious.
Because you can divide the souls of loved ones from loved ones, but you cannot multiply oppression without meeting resistance.

This. This is not just another difficult grade school calculation.
Because you can add the theft of Palestinian land but you cannot divide and scatter the truth of your ethnic cleansing.
Because you can subtract Palestinian mothers by purposely targeting and slaughtering them but you cannot divide out the fact that justice sides with the oppressed.
Because you can multiply fear in the hearts of young Palestinian children but you cannot divide their resistance against imprisonment of their fundamental rights.

This isn't just another math problem.
It's more like punching in zero in your calculator--undefined and therefore hard to define.

24,813 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel since 1967.
$0 of military aid have been given to Palestinians.
1452 Palestinian children have been killed since 2000.

These numbers are real numbers,
not imaginary numbers,
although still irrational numbers.
But even numbers have limits.

Do you need a sin (sign) over cos tan from above urging you to help?
Do you need to know of a different angle of the story before you start to act?
Couldn't YOU be the protractor (protector) against the irrationals?

Because this isn't just another math problem.
Because those
those can be solved individually.

This problem requires us to put the star in starting over,
The win in win some and lose some,
the able in charitable
and the rad in comradeship.

Because this isn't just another math problem.
It's more of an error in a history lesson that we can all rewrite.

p.s. I recommend reading: So this is my rant on Palestine
as well as the story that brought tears upon my eyelids: The muhammad al durrah incident

 *unrelated p.p.s.: A couple of posts ago (my facebook status one) had led some of you to think I was switching back into the Sciences. Besides the fact that that would be an apocalyptic decision, this speculation also elevates my status as the Reigning Queen of April Fool's Jokes! Because it was indeed an AF joke, teehee! I am staying in Arts and pursuing a major in International Relations with a minor in Psychology.
Which reminds me of an incident that happened just yesterday where I was volunteering at an event where I went back to my high school to recount my post-secondary experience thus far with LGs and LBs a.k.a. senior high school students. I would explain my potential degree choices to the youngins' and they would retort with a "What kind of career can you have with that?"


What I actually said (with a polite smile upon my ruby red lips): "Well there are tons of things you can do; you are virtually unlimited with the number of choices you have, like law school, journalism school, a career in diplomacy..."

That is all of my pseudo-rant and poetry. Good day, all. Toodles!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Partisan! Partisan! Yeah! Fun. Fun. Fun!

Few things are making me holler "Pakistan Zindabad" and have me marketing my ethnicity at every available opportunity. And no, the Cricket world cup shindig has nothing to do with it. (You're looking at an individual who is apathetic about sports and voluntary physical activity* as much as Sarkozy is about hearing the opinions of niqab-adorning ladies who have chosen to wear it themselves. Bam! You know that is a gargantuan amount of apathy). Things like the Mukhtaran Mai case don't exactly warrant much national pride. Nor do things like this.

But then why is that I have updated my Twitter bio to include pakistani-Canadian muslim? Never mind the fact that I am one, I suspect my superficial tendencies are kicking in.

There is no doubt Pakistani clothes are like the dessert of clothing buffets. And like the political leader who doesn't do the most shit. And like the senior citizen who professes few if any complaints about our current generation and instead does cool stuff.

Don't believe me? You be the judge!

who what wear? 
  • pakistani shalwar kameez, gifted from L.A. 2. 
  • vintage metallic-gold pumps, passed down from my Auntie 3. 
  • vintage sequined vest, my momma's from the 80's

This next one is more iridescent and the apple of my eye but sub-par photographs will confuse you.
A maximalist has got to pile on the accessories. It's stated in the Code of Conduct.

Speaking of Code of Conducts, I'd like to address my fellow Canadian 18+ peeps: VOTE. TOMORROW. I mean, being apathetic about sports is fine. (i.e. what is this "Canuck" you speak of? See kids? I still turned out fine!) Being apathetic about our government ain't! Haven't you heard Apathy is Boring!? Exercise your democratic right to vote (for which others around the world are DYING for)!
A little partisan advice? Vote ABC--Anything But Conservative. 

I will proceed to convince you to do so with select Youtube videos that have tickled my fancy.

 "Partisan! Partisan! Yeah! Fun. Fun. Fun!" 
Now I've got to stop being a hypocrite and take the following customized internet meme's advice:

*I have started a fitness regime! Perhaps more details to come.