Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Terse Personal Reflections Prior to Ramadan 2012

(Can the title be more straight-to-the-point?)

So Ramadan has descended upon us once again....

...& this Ramadan I vow to finish reading the entire English translation of the Qu'ran, in hopes of easing the cognitive dissonance that befalls my brain most nights & some days (especially in these last few months).
(I've got in my possession "Towards Understanding Qu'ran: an abridged version of Tafhim al-Qu'ran by Sayyid Abul A'la Mawdudi, in case you are wondering. A gift from the father, naturally).

Though, one's faith & spirituality is a continuum, right?
I suspect it's not as black & white as we make it out to be. The binaries of "religious" & "non-religious" are far too simplistic.

Just like all social constructs.

Wish me so much luck.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One Vest, Two Sunshine Rays

Snaked my way through town
The sun hissed its rays on my skin

Clouded me with colour
with nary a cloud in sight

Eventually found the steps to the *Temple
in light of
capitalistic hallelujah.

^An ode to my recent beloved splurge on the most exquisite vest that has ever graced my upper body region. (*Bought at a vintage store fave, Temple of the Modern Girl).

Here I wear it two ways, on two different days, celebrating the anniversaries of the first cognizance of two dear comrades' existence (their birthdays). 

who what wear?
  • blue print dress: $1, YWCA thrift store (I volunteer there every other Friday; drop by Vancouver peepz! Proceeds go to a great cause. 4399 Main st.)
  • 3-toned heels: thrifted, ~$3
  • blue scarf: F as in Frank vintage sale, < $2
  • vest of the outfit (ha ha): Temple of the Modern Girl, $12


who what wear?
  • shimmer-y gold shirt: $6, Salvation Army
  • tie-dye print wedges: $10, Ross
  • blue scarf: F as in Frank vintage sale, < $2
  • vest of the outfit: Temple of the Modern Girl, $12

^I love these comfortable darlings. I have vowed not to compromise my feet's comfort in exchange for aesthetic appeal.

& this is how I am adorning myself in these *YOLO-y days of summer...

*(an adjective!? Drake, you are an abomination!)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Recipe for The Perfect Day, The Urooba Way:

1. Start with a small amount of 'Vintage Clothing Sale.' Not too hard to find; check out your local hipster neighbourhood.

2. Add a heaping amount of an awareness-raising rally in the flavour of ending victim blaming de facto rape culture. 

3. Sprinkle in per chance stumble-upons of Carnival de Sol & the Decentralized Dance Party that remind you why Vancouver is flippin' awesome despite the rain.

4. Mix in a BBQ - food & friends will add that zesty je ne sais quoi.

5. Finish off with a warm drizzle of a magazine launch party that serves to showcase the creative juices & activism of those traditionally marginalized by various communities, the media & society at large. 

Chill & enjoy!

& enjoy you will.
My day reminded me so much of this Tanya Davis poetry video I watched a coupla years ago (particularly when I skipped home under the moonlight). I wasn't alone all day; just when I went from place to place.