Friday, March 26, 2010

Sleep deprived, yet I still derive.

"EPIPHANY: I will be graduating high school in approximately 3 MONTHS inshallah!"

Thank you  for your cooperation. We will now resume regular programming.

The promise of my vintage shopping experience documentation will actually be fulfilled in the next post--I didn't end up wearing my vintage dress, so just you wait, blogosphere!

Interesting/thought-provoking/bizarre/good/bad/otherwise note-worthy occurrences this/last week in this life of mine:
  • recited some slam poetry/spoken word in front of a LIVING, BREATHING AUDIENCE in a funky, eclectic cafe in Vancouver {because of a fundraiser/celebration with the Surrey Urban Youth Project}
  •   THIS song became my guilty pleasure [beware--teeny-bopper-y]: 

  •  Well that's all I can think of, quite honestly. Such an interesting life I lead, huh? But this seems like a nice permanent installment to my blogeddy blog de blog.

Technically, I haven't worn this outfit out of the house. I was playing around with that vintage cobalt blue shirt I picked up during said vintage shopping experience, and snapped a photo. Potential outfit for the public eye, yeah, yeah, yeah?
  • shirt: True Value Vinatge (in Vancouver), $5
  • dress: Joe Fresh, $3
  • heels: thrifted via Salvation Army: $2.50
  • stirrup tights: from my childhood, yessir.
  • purse: gifted via Urban Behaviour

Monday outfit!:

  • shirt: H&M, $ dumbo sis bought it 'cause it was on sale...even though it's an XL. Cheapness runs in the family, yo. Eh, nothing a coupla belts can't fix. ;)
  • purple belt: thrifted via a random Vancouver thrift shop, $1
  • yellow belt: Joe Fresh, $3
  • flats: Joe Fresh, $6
  • pink heart necklace worn to death: James & Jules, $2

Tuesday Outfit!:
  •  pants: Joe Fresh, $?
  • blue shiny shirt: thrifted via Salvation Army, $5...also worn here
  • plaid vest: DIY, cut it from a dress from my prepubescent days
  • kick ass boots: thrifted via Salvation Army, $4

Wednesday Outfit!:

  •  kick ass sneaks: Reebok
  • grey dress: Old Navy, $5
  • denim vest: thrifted via Value Village, $2

    Thursday Outfit!:

    [Ignore my face, ewewew]. This outfit, I thought, was rather blah, but I received quite a bit of compliments! People said I looked NORMAL. I was horrified, but they assured me that I looked NORMAL *wince*, but nice. So.
    •  gilttery, YES, GLITTERY silver jeans: Ross, $2!    
    • blue flats: Joe Fresh, $3   
    • jewelery: Forever 21, Suzy Shier, thrifted, Claire's, Pakistan, etc.  

    And finally, what I wore during said Spoken Word Performance:

    • hot pink blazer: thrifted via a random thrift store in Vancouver for a cool five bucks!
    • other items: you've seen before.


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    Thursday, March 25, 2010


    This is what I should've been doing:

    But this is more my present state:

    It's not my fault 9 hours go by, like, swoosh.
    Hoo boy, I've got a severe case of Senioritis.

    Outfit post soon (!), you crazy kids.
    Or, you know, whenever. Or whatever. XD

    Saturday, March 20, 2010

    Paradigms [of life] are extremely volatile. Or maybe I just PMS.

    Captured a bit of nature, I did.

    Thanks to my new followers!; this thrills me in ways a sexy apron never could.

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's.... SHOEper Woman!

         "Oh, sweet baby Jesus!"  My heart started racing. Sighs of contentment escaped my lips. My eyes sifted through the racks, darting quickly.  My knees hit the linoleum floor, which reflected the fluorescent lights from above.  My hot pink and fuchsia tie-dyed pants justifiably acquired a layer of dust, as my knees produced a mosaic of fluid motion against the floor.  In a deserted, haphazardous section of my neighbourhood Real Canadian Superstore was a sign, posted atop a jumble of shoes.  A sign from heaven, surely, as it read: 'All Pairs of Shoes: $2.97'.

         I didn't know where to start. Like an untamed, ferocious tiger, I lunged towards some Mary Janes, black patent with white lining. I moved onto a scandalous, scintillating pair of stilettos; its jagged heel sharp enough to use as a weapon against aggravated babies, should that event occur.  My limbs then accumulated a pair of ballet flats, mint green in color, but smelling anything but fresh. Nevertheless, into my arms they went.

         Beads of perspiration had formed upon my forehead by this point.  As I raised my unusually shaky hand to wipe the sweat off, one stiletto was released from my grasp.  Having been gifted with a superb intellect, I was able to come up with a solution to my problem of rolling footwear. I hobbled my way over to a stack of red baskets, dumped my phalanx of shoes into it, and resumed my frantic shopping.

         As the basket reached its maximum fill line, I began to survey my amassed collection of shoes. In my euphoric disarray, I had accidentally added a few sandals to my loot that were intended for toddlers. Just as I was replacing them with more practical yellow jelly wedges, I heard a cry from behind me.

        "Urooba!" My mother hissed, "No more shoes I am buying for you, no no!"

          "But Ma!" I exclaimed, "They're only $2.97!" That was a sly move, knowing that my mother was inept at ignoring bargains. A love affair with being cheap (not frugal) was a condition I had most definitely gotten from her.

           As she, too, began sifting and searching through the cornucopia of fabric for the feet, I smiled to myself.  Many people acquire a lot of traits from their parents, what with living in such close proximity to them.  Yet, I loved that my mother and I were able to form a deep bond, from something normally seen as superficial.  That meant our relationship had the potential to evolve into something even more great, and that, in itself, was worth smiling about.  And the fact that I was now hitting a shoe collection of about 50. Eat your heart out, Jackie Murchison**.

    **non-fictional, self-proclaimed SHOEper woman. Hehehe. [ ifyadidn'tknow, you can ignore the last sentence, then].

                                                                                     ON ME:
    • My Floral 80's Jacket That NOONE Likes (I know, like oh ehm gee): thrifted via Value Village for a cool $3!
    • green dress: Old Navy, $5
    • wetlook leggings: Urban Outfitters, $5
    • green jelly gladiator sandals: Wetseal, $5
    • red beaded necklace: thrifted via value village, $1
    • green purse: Zellers, ~$3
    • pink cheetah print scarf: Wetseal, $1

    Look at these totally radical blue heels I thrifted a while back ($2.50!), but have not worn yet: (I'll be wearing 'em soon with this amazing vintage dress I scored this week---my vintage shopping experience, MY WONDERFUL vintage shopping experience, will be documented in the next post!)

    Oh, I almost forgot! In case you haven't noticed, I 've got a new header--YAY! I rejoiced! The totally awesome Mimi from made me it--go see her blog; it's great!
    {Turns out, she lives the next city over from me, lol. So cool.}


    Tuesday, March 16, 2010


    ...I wish I had more followers. XD

    {buckle your belts, outfit post coming soon to a blog near you}.

    Monday, March 15, 2010

    THIS FEELING IS RARE; it happens often, baybay.

    This dress would be PERFECT for prom. Exaggerated bow = the perfect amount of ridiculosity needed. And the colors, and the length, and the sleeves....Sadly, its about $475 above my budget. {It's a rare, vintage Randall Brooks--I think that means something. My limited fashion knowledge tells me that means something}.
    Well, back to the 'ol chopping board...

    Monday, March 8, 2010

    MONOCHROMATIC MADNESS. This is madness, I tell ya!

    Hey, blogosphere!
    The reason for my two week absence from blogging was because...
    ...I was whisked away to Paris Fashion Week, where I stayed in a hotel amidst a whirlwind of designers, one of whom asked me to be his latest muse. When I was finally left alone to sight see, on my way back from being enticed by the highly revered Eiffel Tower, I was struck with approximately 700 volts of electricity via a terrible lightening storm that struck most of Europe. I was rushed to an exotic french hospital, which, to my amusement, was located beside France's largest brothel.  In my fragile state, I was able to witness a whole new level of, err, camaraderie. After my quick and miraculous recovery (all the french news stations aired my story), I spent the rest of the week hanging out with some indigenous people, who made a living selling hand-crafted clay bead necklaces. Then I came home and went to school and stuff.

    AND NOW IT'S SPRING BREAK! Joy! Glee! Happiness! Contentment! Euphoria! Optimism!

    Lets round up a few monochromatic outfits, now shall we? (In honor of 4 of the 5 Olympic Ring colours! --worn during Olympic Spirit Week @ schoolio.):

    Mostly Monochromatic Black Outfit:
    • blazer: $7, thrifted via Salvation Army in pretty, pretty New Westminster
    • wetlook tights: $5, Urban Outfitters
    • studded bag: $10, Mariposa 
    • KICK ASS BOOTS: $4, thrifted via Salvation Army in pretty, pretty New Westminster, also

    Mostly Monochromatic Red Outfit:
    •  red jeans: $15, wetseal
    • red plaid shirt: $5, Urban Behaviour
    • red bag: $3, Joe Fresh (bought at a national grocery store chain, how high-end-fashion am I?)
    • red beaded necklace of awesome: $1, Value Village

    Mostly Monochromatic Green Outfit:
    • green dress: $3, Joe Fresh
    • green flats: $3, Joe Fresh
    • green purse: $3, Zellers
    • denim vest: $2, Value Village

     Mostly Monochromatic Blue Outfit:
    ZOMG, MATCHING BLUE RECYCLING BIN. (Coincidence, I swear).
    • blue shirt: $5, Zellers
    • blue flats: $3, Joe Fresh
    • electric blue jeans: ?
    • all the blue jewelery I own: various
    Alright, so still with me? Noice. My yellow outfit, I didn't document, but I'm sure y'all get the idea, huh?

    Kay, get on out of here quick; don't make me BOOT ya!