Friday, November 27, 2009


Ack, that's it. That's all the nerdy talk for this post. (ButanywaysIdidn'tdoanyhomeworktodayatallandIdidn'thaveto
To celebrate: I had a six-way convo with the BFF'S, (who I shall refer to as The Clan because that is also what we call ourselves), TOOK A NAP DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS, ate fattening foods (wait, that's a daily constant), read teenvogue, and YOUR blogs. ;) By YOUR, I mean, if YOU have a blog, whilst you are currently reading this blog, I read it.  Uhm, what?

ANYWHOOOOOOO. Today at school, Shane Koyczan came to perform. HE'S A SLAM POET. HE'S BRILLIANT. Youtube him, he's great! I COULDN'T SEE HIM, 'CAUSE I COULDN'T SKIP BIOLOGY, boooo. Curse you biology teach! (Let us hope he does not read my blog. *shifty*)

ALSOOOOO, the American Apparel Rummage Sale is coming to Vancouver! OMG,OMG,OMG,  I NEED to go as much as my sister feels the need to not shower! (A LOT).
FINALLLLY, CEHAP American Apparel. I die.
Still, anyone know of an effective way to scrape up some money in about a week? DO TELL.

Hmm, beacuse I feel like it, I shall reveal the songs that are on repeat on my source of a completely legal method of downloading music ;) :

  1. Ce Jeu - Yelle  <-----she has such a cool sense of style; check out her vids! Plus, this song is sooo addictive.
  2. Haven't Met You Yet - Michael Buble <--------- SUCH A PERFECT SONG, NO JOKES.
  3. Dancing With Myself - Glee <------- I need to get a daily fix of this tune,  SO HAPPY-HORMONES-INDUCING.
Ahhh. You've waited long enough. Here's an outfit post brethereen. Wore it a couple weeks ago.

  • metallic scarf - Ross, $8
  • blazer - Dad's! ---> Love borrowing stuff from the 'ole parental units.
  • red skinnes- Wet Seal, $15 (splurge! :O )
  • belt- men's section from Warehouse One - $2.50 --->(I was ready to spend 5 bucks on it...gasp, I know, but it was 50% off of the already reduced item, so WOO).
  • black patent sneaks- Ardenes, $2
  • studded, patent bag - Mariposa, $10 (splurge! :O )

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Okay, so obviously I was deliriously happy to see my first few comments on my blog! Yay, for mediocre things serving to increase self-esteem. :)
 And now you lucky fellas out there get to see ANOTHER OUTFIT POST. Shocking and unpredictable, huh? Caught you off guard there, huh? Daaang, I'm so spontaneous.

Well, before I get to that, let me sum up my week: HELL. Really, unfortunately. Calculus is a bitch! And ugh everything is just so so so so times postive infinity (ha!, math) STRESSFUL.

I think that's enough of boring you with my life, or lack thereof, so let's get down to the nitt-ay gritt-ay:

This outfit was worn a while back, as you can see there were BLUE SKIES, THE BRILLIANT SUN [typing that in caps makes it seem less of an illusion], a stark comparison to the dark November skies as early as 4:30, intense winds and pounding rain....Well, at least at my end. HOWZZIT AT YOUR END?


  •  lime green dress - Joe Fresh, $3
  • black skinnies - Idk.
  • hot pink cardigan/sweater - my mom's from when SHE was in high school...that qualifies as vintage, right? haha.
  • necklace- DIY, made with a shoelace and various knickknacks from other necklaces
  • bag (worn to death!) - Urban Planet, $5
  • HOT PINK AND NEON LIMEGREEN  fake 'Converse' - Ardenes, $5.  Yes, they are two different pairs. Yes, I bought both pairs. No, I did not attack plain white shoes with highlighters. :)
Okay, bloglings. Asta la vista.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Are ya ready? I'm about to lose my outfit post virginity. :O

This outfit was for a birthday dinner for two of my friends. Since turning 17 is directly proportional to being suave and sophisticated, this sort of embodies that, no? I mean, sparkles and sequins, COME ON. :)

  • metallic scarf: Ross, $8
  • black shirt: ?, quite old
  •  billowing sequined stars ruffle "dress": Zellers, $5
  • black skinnies: Urban Planet
  • clunky, chunky heels: thrifted
  • sequined/beaded black purse: vintage
                                HOW DO Y'ALL  'CASUAL GLAM' IT UP?


Hear firecrackers out your window? Confetti being thrown in the streets? People smiling?
Wanna know the cause of all this positive ruckus? GUESS.


If you answered: "..because Urooba, the amazing and multi-skilled 17 year old from British Columbia, Canada has started her own fashion blog!?"....then you'd be DEAD ON.

Yes, blogosphere, I'm here. (Heh, that rhymes).

You should note:
  • Corniness and lameness will erupt full throttle here. IF YA LIKE CORNY, IF YA LIKE LAME, THEN YOU'LL LIKE WHAT'S UNDER MY UMBRELLA ;).
  •  I don't have a great camera and I'm not completely photogenic, so bear with me.
  • I will try to update as FREQUENTLY AS POSSIBLE, but alas, as a high school senior, "busy" is an understatement.
  •  I'm cheap. OH, SO CHEAP. The delicious cheap where you don't spend over like, $10, probably.
  • Follow me, and comment. =) C'mooooon, you know you want to. [This is me refraining from sounding desperate].

OKAY, PHEW. Now I leave you with some fashion porn. WOOHOO, ENJOY:
His shoes=amazing. Which makes him my idol.

I'm attracted to this picture.

Sequin pants! 'Nuff said.

Demi's leather blazer! The perfect way to wear leather, I think.

OKAY, WELL Y'ALL COME BACK NOW Y'HEAR. I'll have an outfit post next time. :)

*I don't own any pictures; hopefully I'm not being a copyright villain!