Thursday, September 30, 2010

"I hate having my life disrupted by routine."--Caskie Stinnett

proof I could easily have been classified as a bookworm, even in the first decade of my life:
*all spelling/grammatical errors are left as is.
January 31, 2002 
"Yesterday we went to the libary. We bought 21 books home we read them all in one night and one morning."
Look at those vampire-esque teeth! Thank god for orthodontic assistance!
Oh hello, internet. There are 3 more things you should know.

1. 2 weeks ago (I am sooo terrible with being punctual!) the lovely Denise Bomfim from Brazil (again, how exotic, huh?!) wrote a piece about me in her blog! :D Her blog is a great read ( check it out fo' shizzle! She blogs in Portugese and English, so cool. Check out the post HERE!

2. Remember my last Candor article? The totalitarianism approach I took to advise males on how  they should dress? Yeah, you should read it: 
Now, can't get enough of my article(s) at Candor (heehee)? Well, you're in luck! My second post (counting sweatpants as a deadly sin, presented in a satrical manner) just went up today: GO GO GO HERE GO HERE GO GO GO HERE!
3. THANK YOU, THANK YOU TO NEW FOLLOWERS! Sorry, I am emulating a poopy-face and neglecting my humble little baby blog a bit too much. I miss it! I miss interacting with other bloggers, namely, you all! But I am so unbelievably busy (still, the good kind of busy). 
CAN YOU BELIEVE I HAVE ~1000 unread POSTS ON BLOGLOVIN'!? I have some serious catching up to do. 

Love, love! Toodles!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Indirect Iridescent Pleasures

It was a love at first sight sort of thing. They say it never happens, but t'is a filthy, filthy lie.
Great personality, stunning good looks, and smart, too, of course.
The whole package. The whole shebang. The real deal. I have met my match.

I fell in love with an undeniably iridescent bodysuit that puts Micheal Jackson's kooky/incredible sartorial concoctions of the past to utter shame. It is equipped with shoulder pads that will render gasps of horror from little old ladies because they will mistake said shoulder pads to tumors growing on said anatomic location. But s'alls good; it is ridonkulously perfect.
And for a dollar? *faints*

Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm Published! Also, you CAN DO MORE, with CANDOR!

So, today was a normal day.
Nothing of extreme significance or the surpassing of a small milestone occurred, no, no, no. Nothing like that.
Just a normal day. Ordinary, monotonous, 'lethargic-ness-inducing', banal, routine-like, same 'ol, same 'ol.

 Except, you know, I'm sort of 'published'.

HOW DO PEOPLE SEEM TO APPEAR NONCHALANT, LACKADAISICAL, ALOOF, AND IMPASSIVE!? I just can't seem to do it; it is not written in my genetic code, I suppose!
Anyways. This is exciting, right? I'm excited, regardless.

WHY YES, you are reading a blog post of Candor Styles - Muslim Lifestyle Magazine's *official* Fashion Intern! Read my first article HERE! It's called: "Fascism with Fashion: An Unscrupulous Guide for Males". So it's for dudes, but ladies, y'all can read as well! Also check out the other articles on the site; I'm not biased---they really are great! :D Don't forget to comment and FEEL FREE to share the link around!

**actually, I beg of you to read, share, re-tweet, etc. etc. about it! Please and thank you! Your support will be so appreciated and will not go unnoticed!


 I'd also would like to bring to your attention a great cause of Candor's: their "Save one, Save all" Fundraiser. If you've noticed, there has a banner to the side of my blog for the past couple of weeks referring to said fundraiser. I urge you all to be kind and generous and donate to the devastated victims of Pakistan's immensely tragic flood. If you are unable to donate, please at least help spread the word. Here is the link:

 Alright, lovelies! Good night!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Things to do Before I Die #384127

Pray on the beach.

For now, I can check off: Praying amidst a sunset.

An extremely belated Eid Mubarak to all who celebrated!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Domestication and Me

I cook, but I sure as heck don't clean.

(Oh, blogosphere! I am sincerely and genuinely sorry for my absence, not only on my blog...but y'all's as well! 'Busy' is an adjective that is far too redundant, yet is a highly appropriate implementation, if adjectives are needed that pertain to my current lifestyle. But I think I have a solution! Stay tuned--and thanks for all the support, yo! And new followers--love, love!)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Damsel in this Dress

Internet, get ready to have your ears serenaded by the Best Excuse For Not Blogging In Such a Long Time. It's one you've never heard before:
I was busy!
Okay, okay, I'll retract my sarcasm.
Fortunately, it wasn't the oh-my-god-I-have-so-many-things-to-do-my-head-will-explode-where-do-I-start-life-is-so-stressful-is-it-worth-living? type of busy, rather it was the I-have-something-that-preoccupies-my-time-most-of-the-time-and-I-feel-busy-I-feel-great! kind of busy.


Pros and Cons of my university experience (thus far).

 *I would never actually skip a lecture (maybe)--too much of an Eager McBeaver! Note the terminology--PROF...and LECTURE!? Dang. ('Teacher' and 'class' last year).

Well there's just one...
As luck would have it, I lost my voice the first week of school, thus crippling my audio projections to the likes of a scratchy record. This meant that SEVERE qualities of an introvert, I adopted--and on the first week of school! This would explain, then, that in 3 days I've only managed to make 4 ACQUAINTANCES. Acquaintances!? Acquaintances. PLEASE PRAY I MAKE NEW FRIENDS, LOL.  (Oh my god, am I publicly admitting this!?) But thankfully, THANKFULLY, I have 3/6 of my highschool besties with me, phew!

**smooth transition to Outfit Post part**

Y'all saw the animated version of My First Day of University Outfit in my LAST POST--here's how it looked in real life! (Suck-quality photos...also pray that I acquire a DSLR camera soon!)

gif animator
Gif animator
 who what wear?
  • vintage dress, $1, Jet Rag 
  • vintage Harley Davidson leather jacket, F as in Frank
  • kick-arse boots, $4, thrifted 
  • vintage belt, $1, thrifted 
Until next time sweet pumpkins! (71 followers, wowee!) 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Do I got post-secondary swagger? Duh. It's a univers(ity)ally known fact.

By 8:30 am tomorrow, I will no longer be stuck in that awkward academic 'no man's land' between high school graduation and first year university (Americans: that's freshman at college, yo) [insha'allah].

These are the books I'd have bought if I had been peer-pressured, no, PARENT-pressured into completing a degree associated with said books:
For the record, I do enjoy math (sort of)...but I ran out of science-y subjects to make fun of (mwahaha).
Also, my immense dislike for the aforementioned subjects is completely justified--I've taken them in their full entirety (a.k.a. honours/enriched/AP courses). It wasn't pretty.

Now I'm venturing off into the Faculty of Arts--a faculty of sunshine and rainbows and 'so up my alley' and fun and butterflies...and no employment? I'm finally taking all the courses that I want (i.e. journalism, creative writing, sociology...) but can't help but be skeptical every step of the way.

Pessimistic and apprehensive paradigms aside, I am pretty excited. There are so many opportunities and it is surprisingly not overwhelming--I just want to seize 'em all!

Oh and how can I possibly forget? First-Day-of-University-Outfit, right?! (Well, technically, Orientation a.k.a Imagine Day. P.S. during the pep rally they'll be playing a video, and I'll be in it! Reppin' the Class of 2014, yo).  All planned out. Enjoy these feeble, animated, WORKS OF ART, till the real thing. (Arts wears purple on the first day, fyi!)

Now, enjoy Under Urooba's Umbrella through the eyes of a UNIVERSITY STUDENT (gasp).
Thanks to the 68 followers and 115 'likers' on facebook that already do! :D

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


You know how it is. We've been through this before. (My Senior Year Through My Facebook Status Updates)
The good, the bad, the ugly, of my summer. If I lived 'down under', it would my winter.
But I don't. Ergo, it is my summer.

Plaintively obvious phrases aside...

 june, starting from june 26th, 2010
 My mom to my Dad: "You should eat celery! Or your weight (vait) will go up!" My dad: "You're the one eating up all my salary!" HAHA. MY DAD MADE A PUN. IN A LANGUAGE NOT NATIVE TO HIM. Applause? I think so! *applauds*
*fun fact: most 'liked' status of the summer.*

 Had an uber PERFECTO day with THE CLAN at Harrison Hot Springs! SUMMER 2010, YOU ARE LOOKING MIGHTY DELICIOUSO.

Manmeet Grewal's surprise farewell party = GIANT SUX-ESS. But now you tell me, Manmeeties, WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT YOU?!?! D': At least we got to share a bed [sleep with you] one final time. <3 :D

Today was certainly a phantasmagoric day! Traipsed around UBC, emulating newbie 8th graders (complete with, ahem, rather detailed sights at Wreck beach)...and then watched 'Much Ado About Nothing' at Bard on the Beach! TOTES HILARS.

july 2010
 Leaving the City of Parks to go to the City of Angels. (Read: leaving good 'ol Surrey to go to our second home, L.A.!) ho-lla. (I have a feeling i'mma meet a male named Alessandro on the plane. idk, I just have this feeling).

If I told you we met Asha Bhosle at the airport, I wouldn't be lying. If I told you the weather is actually desirable in L.A. (i.e. not BLAZING, STIFLING HOT), I wouldn't be lying either.

Best way to celebrate July 4th in Los Angelatos as Canadians? Drown out your cousins hollering of The Pledge of Allegiance with an equally loud (but more harmonious) rendition of the Canadian National Anthem. Heeheeheehee. ;)

Went for a jog [okay, brisk walk] in [kitten] heels. 'thas how we do it in l.a., trick.

Whoop! Six Flags Magic Mountain tomorrow! It's like signing up for a near-death experience. It's like buying your own coffin. It's like express-ordering your death certificate. Well, I can't wait!

Six Flags Magic Mountain afterparty at Disneyland? I mean, it's the only logical termination. (Also, sweating in a desert is serious/odorous business).

It is with great conviction with which I declare I want to write a contemporary science-fiction novel. Either Margaret Atwood is supremely inspirational or I am just very impressionable. (Oryx and Crake! <3 )

Ah! It's a Christmas miracle! It's raining here in Los Angeles! (It's still hot, though). Ah! There's even a rainbow! Ah! It's that gorgeous summer-y misty summer rain! This is proof nature is astonishing and gorgeousness-inducing.

Being "hit on" by homeless people? Check. Thanks downtown L.A.! Having a great time last night? Check. Thanks Muneera Shariff Gardezi + Sameer bhai + cuzz buzz!

Vintage shopping in Vancouver? Check. ( F Asin Frank, etc.) Vintage shopping in L.A.? Check, check, check! Next up...vintage shopping in Italy?! New York!? Greece?! Montreal!?(false hopes, you may presume, but HELL-OH--study-abroad programs, duh.)

I prayed duhr yesterday amidst snow-capped mountains and emerald green trees, with my feet dangling in Lake Pyramid, the wind tousling my hijab softly. It was nothing short of majestic.

Having a great time in L.A.? Check! Actually having a GOOD time on a FAMJAM roadtrip to ALBERTA? Check! Now to fill my August with days of yonder...

august 2010
 Almost wore a hot pink jumpsuit out in public today. But then I thought, it would be terribly selfish of me to distract others from the fireworks down in English Bay. ;)

I am so going to name my kid Blá. Like, who woudn't?!

Just got back from a bhangra aerobics class (we JOGGED to the arena!)! It was absolutely intense, yo! Now I'm on a quest to make a cherry smoothie--but I'll have to take out all the pitts by hand. Are you pitt-ying me? (ha!)

Teaching Dumb Sis how to cook (wanna know her level of expertise? She had a hard time deciphering garlic from ginger and started cutting with the knife AT THE OPPOSITE END). However, things are now proceeding well. OH MY GOD, BRB, THE SMOKE ALARM JUST WENT OFF!!!!!!...

URGENT Q, FB FRIENDS: is it appropriate to put my blog's url on my resume?!

RAMADAN MUBARAK [ALL] YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! As Suhaib Webb puts it, "Just spotted Shaytan getting dropped off at the county jail for his 30 day sentence!"

Whoo! Taraweeh'd it up tonight. The masjid was packed, we prayed on the balcony, underneath the stars. Yet again, nothing short of majestic.

Lying in the front lawn with The Sibs, underneath the stars, seeking out glimpses of the meteor shower. So freakin' serene! Best way to wait for sehri/suhoor, OH YES.

Note to self: don't read cooking blogs whilst fasting.

IS REALLY, REALLY, REALLY BEING SPOILED! Value Village's 50% off sale + F as in Frank's $10-fill-a-bag sale IN THE SAME WEEK!?!?!!?!?!?! Gah, I can't stop smiling: :D =] :) Well, here's to my fall wardrobe; cheers!

"And Islam is PERFECT. Muslims are NOT. Nor are ANY humans or their ideas or institutions or politics. Perfection is a quality of God alone."--Lupe Fiasco.

Facebook f[r]iends! NEED YOUR HELP, I DO. If I were to *hypothetically* be in charge of my own column for a newspaper, what do you see me writing about? Unserious repsonses need not comment. ;)

"It's not our fault lunar days move each year. I mean, what if Eid fell on Hiter's birthday. Then what? We get blamed for celebrating the Holocaust?"--Sabrina Enayatulla, on Eid possibly falling on the date of September 11th.

"Haha, my lecture hall is better than yours!" "OH, OUF, THERE'S the LSK-whatchamacallit building!" These are the cries of noob-ish UBC freshman today. This is only a, I wouldn't know from any personal

Excited for the future! Excited for the future! Excited for the future! Have I told you I'M EXCITED FOR THE FUTURE!? So many opportunities; I want to seize 'em all! insh'allah!

Forget Snookie from Jersey Bore, I like Sookie from Gilmore Girls! Ahhh, two hours of that show does not suffice. I could deal very nicely with a GG marathon. Going to go make a risotto-esque rice dish for sehri now...

Cheesiest islamic pickup line that made me el-oh-ell/snicker/snort/guffaw/giggle? "I need to break my fast. Can I have a date?"
I <3 MOONLIGHT. It is literally being painted onto my bedroom walls and furniture and floor. I AM SQUINTING because of its livid vividness. When I lay my head on my pillow and look EVER SO slightly to my left, I'm face-painted with moonlight.

Is OBNOXIOUSLY dipping my feet into as much as I can, at my future school iA!

A conversation between me and an international student at UBC: "I'm from Mauritius... do you know?" Me: "Yeah, I've heard of it. It's in Asia, right?" "No..." "Europe?" "No, it's in Africa." D'oh! UROOBA SOUNDING KNOWLEDGEABLE, SOPHISTICATED, AND GEOGRAPHICALLY-INCLINED: 0. UROOBA SOUNDING STUPID: 1.

"We freaking LOVE the green cardigan and my earrings are oh-so-awesome. Yu have shown me the light that is vintage. For that, I am eternally grateful. ♥"-- Ravina Binning. Converting mainstream shoppers to vintage ones, one skeptic at a time. ;)

 Goodness, I update quite a bit.