Saturday, June 4, 2011

[2nd Bi-Annual Hijabi Fashion Week] Day 7-Party Hostess Outfit!

Boom diggity! Sadly, another Hijabi Fashion Week has terminated. But as my seventh grade teacher would say,
"Don't cry 'cause it's over; smile 'cause it happened."

And what better way to end, then to host a party-sharty? Party at Under Urooba's Umbrella! Woohooo! Hollllla! Yeeeeeeeeeeeee! *insert verbal diarrhea of Ke$ha and/or Lady Gaga and/or Rihanna*

This outfit was worn to a friend's bridal shower, for which I and three comrades of mine served as hostesses.
"Scandalous" games, thong and g-string decorations...the bridal shower was more reminiscent of a bachelorette party. Theme? How 'bout y'all guess in the comments below? ;)

Will always have you jumping ballistic-ly: 

who what wear?
  • poufy 80's-esque dress, $2, F as in Frank

  • 80's Hawaiian-print leggings, $5, True Value Vintage

  • neon orange vest,  $3, Value Village
  • flippin' radical necklace, $10, Aldo

  • red, blue, green heels, $4, thrifted
2. 4. 5.
[outfit commentary]: Alright, alright, the theme was 80's Hawaiian. Y'see why those leggings are so perfect it hurts?! Bursts of colour here and there. A little dash of tacky. A sprinkling of tight and bright.And I was ready to rumba.

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And that is that. Ouf, tears of sadness are rolling down my chin! Thank you all for such excellent feedback if my posts. Now, how 'bout some feedback 'bout HFW itself? Drop a line!  Toodles! <3

Friday, June 3, 2011

[2nd Bi-Annual Hijabi Fashion Week]: Day 6-Vacation Wear!

Ah! Today's theme rubs a bit of salt on the wounds. One of my biggest (generic) desires is to travel the world--eighteen years have passed by and I've really only been to two continents.
Still, relative to those who've never left their hometowns, I guess this is an Advantage of Being an Immigrant #74.

Also, which fool perpetuated the stereotype that all blogs must be non-fictitious? Screw that! Uhhhh, I mean, the following are real accounts of my wild, adventurous, seemingly-far-fetched travels:

When I arrived in Verona, Italy last summer, just outside the airport was the quaintest roadside stall. It was difficult not to fall in love with these genuine Italian-leather flats.

When I ventured on to Paris, a young dapper that qualified 100% according to The Checklist (kidding! There is no checklist), offered a tour of the city through the eyes of a (really-easy-on-the-eyes) local. On his Vespa we sailed through town. He offered me his vest as the chilly Parisian night set in. But I forgot to give it back to him. I don't even remember his name!

After my mainstream European destinations had been fulfilled, I braved a rocky, turbulence-laden flight to Malaysia. It was Urooba's Sartorial Heaven: brightly/nicely dressed fellow hijabis! Mix in yummy food and I had myself a fine, fine vacation. Also went to a clothing swap with some cool Malay ladies and scored the above printed dress.
who what wear?
  • printed dress, $5, thrifted 

  • classic patent yellow ballet flats, $5, Urban Behaviour

  • yellow patent clutch, $3, Zellers

  • red vest, $3, Value Village
  •  blue and gold beaded necklace, $1, thrifted
3. 5
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Toodles! <3 See you all tomorrow for the ....last day!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

[2nd Bi-Annual Hijabi Fashion Week]: Day 5-Jummah!

Day 5 of Hijabi Fashion Week is dedicated to outfits we'd wear to/on Jummah!
For those not aware, Jummah means Friday. Today's theme, then, entails our best Rebecca Black outfit-impersonation.

I kid! I kid! The apocalypse would've surely occurred if I'd have proceeded to don tween-like, mall-chain-store-purchased, mass-produced clothes that I avoided all throughout highschool.

Friday is reserved for special prayers, where mosque-goers pray in congregation. Analogies that are often made to highlight the significance of Friday for Muslims, usually are made through indication of  the relative importance of Sunday church [for Christians]. As Jummah prayers prayed in congregation are not obligatory for women, I attend the mosque on Fridays from time to time. What do I wear? Usually this:
who what wear? 
  • afghani-style shalwar(trouser)-kameez(shirt): gifted by my grandma
  • blue-green-red kitten heels: $4, thrifted 
[outfit commentary]: This is the perfect outfit to slip on, as for some unexplainable reason, there is urgency in the process of getting ready for the masjid [in my family]. The flowing body of the top reminds me of an abaya*--an Urooba-esque abaya ;). Also, it may be of little surprise, but I am usually dressed the brightest!
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 Jummah Mubarak (although in my region of the world, Jummah is tomorrow!) Toodles! <3

And we all love halal 'Friday' parodies, don't we?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

[2nd Bi-Annual Hijabi Fashion Week]: Day 4-Date Night!

"I need to break my fast--can I have a date?" and other such 'islamic' pick-up lines that didn't originate from my brain, are being added to my r'epertoire for full utilization in the future iA.

You smart cookie! Why yes, today's theme is Date Night.
It's funny, y'know. Conceiving potential sartorial combinations for an event one has never experienced--kind of like buying college dorm room supplies while you're in grade 5. Or calling a florist to arrange flowers for your bar mitzvah when you're in your mother's womb. Or blaming your induced-by-PMS volatile moods on menopause at age 24. I'm assuming you get the idea by now.

Still, therein lies great satisfaction from hypothesizing about this phenomena. An innate predisposition if you will. Alright, I'll stop musing about the nature of the human condition now.
This is a 100% accurate depiction of how I'd embrace FSO (Future Significant Other). (Shhh, don't laugh! You'll hurt my 14 year old kid sister's feelings--the pose was her innovative idea).
who what wear? 
  • vintage dress, $2, F as in Frank fill-a-bag-sale 
  • gold metallic tights, $10, H&M
  • pleather vest, $3, thrifted 
  • gold metallic shirt, $5, Value Village 
  • gold metallic zebra print scarf, $5, H&M 
  • stilleto-esque heels, $10
  • ring, $1, Charlotte Russe
  • bracelet & necklace, gifted
  • beaded purse, vintage a la momma's from the 80's

You know what really maximizes my--errr--affinity for future romance shomance? Bollywood music! Surprising, I know. Here is one of 1832748374 possible songs I could've shared with you blogosphere (90's Bollywood is my weakness):

For my muslim brethren (or not! :)), I recently stumbled upon some great wisdom:
 "'Soulmates are Allah's secret.'" Thus, we should rather work on our relationships with ourselves and Him." ~@DeenOverDunia (a cool gal I follow on Twitter!)

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Holla! See y'all tomorrow! Thank you for the continuous flow of sweeeeet sweeeet comments! Y'all really possess the ability to make me blush! And welcome aboard, new followers! <3