Friday, January 29, 2010


Today, I'm blogging at the ungodly hour of 9 PM. 9 PM! I mean, the sun isn't even beginning to rise.

Also, 8.3% of 2010 IS ALREADY OVER. Before ya know it, I'll be 32 with a myriad of laugh lines and crow's feet meticulously arranged upon my face.
Well, at least at 32, I won't have to deal with standardized testing. Right, right, right?

Because of finals and whatnot, I have formulae and the bronsted-lowry acid/base chart and the components of the male reproductive system and the process of urination and sinusoidal waves and the derivative of velocity...
holy dingbats, what was I saying?

Right, right...because of all that immersed in my brain I don't have anything interesting to say this week. Let's assume that what I've written in previous posts has been interesting. WORK WITH ME HERE, PEOPLE.

So, instead, here's some fashion porn that's been piling up on my computer. Not literally, although that could get interesting.....

HER SHOES. 'Nuff said.
 the sartorialist





Omg, lust! want! need!
 Sequins tickle my fancy, fyi.


Ha, I've made the transition from wordy posts to image-heavy posts. Ooo, metamorphasis.

Now, an outfit of my own; one of those, casual, school days' ones.


  • striped black and white shirt - ?, from my prepubescent days
  • black and navy striped shift dress - ?, thrifted
  • denim vest - $2, thrifted a la Value Village
  • white jeans - $7, Urban Planet
  • bag - $5, Urban Planet (worn an exponential number of times!)
  • jewelery: claire's, suzy shier, forever 21, jules & james, Pakistan, the dollar store, and...the drama room at school, lol (that blue mardi gras beaded necklace).

'Kay, well, I'mma go do whatever it is I do. Asta la vista.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


"And the award for the Most Tardy Blogger goes to......Urooba of Under Urooba's Umbrella!"
 "Ohmygoodygosh...I feel absolutely elated for even being considered for this revered title! There are many I'd like to thank--but who I could not have achieved this without, would be.....School! More specifically, my close friends: Homework, Stress, and Exams-Tests! I'd like to call 'em up on stage..."

So yeah. It's been ~3 weeks since I've blogged and I'm feeling the *void*.
Many times in the past 3 weeks, I've thought of sitting down to do a post, but my bulging backpack would get all tenacious, make me feel guilty, etc. Of course, then, countless hours of facebooking, staring at myself in the mirror, etc. would follow. So it's not like I've been productive. I should be. SHOULD BE. SOOO SHOULD BE.


So, 2009 is over! Happy 2014, internetlings!

MY 2009 (you can skip reading this; it's just the literary version of my thoughts):
  • discovered who my closest/real friends were (aww)
  • watched 3 Idiots and decided it was my favourite bollywood movie
  • was in my first "production"
  • felt good praying "taraweeh" at the mosque during Ramadan
  • been the most stressed I've EVER been
  • danced in the rain
  • SPLASHED in rain puddles
  • stayed up till 8 am
  • consistently status-updated potentially embarrassing things on facebook
  • got my first C on a quiz (ow)
  • chatted with a 40 year-old-stranger-who-was-in-love-with-a-23-year-old for 2 hours on the plane ride home form L.A. this summer
  • became increasingly active on MSN
  • had amazing, amazing times with The Clan
  • considered a career other than one in the Sciences (gasp)
  • stopped watching gossip girl, one tree hill, the hills, the city...T.V. in general
  • been awkward in public (duh)
  • met a gajillion new people
  • applied for my first scholarship
  • discovered my strong dislike for chemistry
  • complained excessively about: the future, careers, classes, school....(ongoing)
  • saved a shell from Laguna Beach
  • discovered how amazingly and superbly delicious artichoke dip is
  • yelled at my printer
  • got my first 'N' on my report card (read: Needs improvement; for work habits)
  • discovered I liked slam peotry
  • found out the word "whom" is pronounced like 'hoom' and not 'vom'
  • had my second crush of life (teehee)
  • got over my second crush of life (teehee)
  • went thrifting! --and scored some major swag
  •  didn't sleep before 11 pm ~nocturnal~
  • TOOK NAPS during DAYTIME for goodness' sake!
  • find out Sacramento still has nice weather in October
  • witnessed/attended a beautiful wedding of my half-filipino-half-pakistani cousin to a polish women (P-cubed, ftw!)
  • had my strong dislike for the only person who I really strongly dislike, intensify
  • wasted the most time I've ever wasted
  • got shut out of calculus class
  • stole a pillow from a hotel (teehee)
  • discovered my intense love for all things fashion-related
  • started reading fashion blogs
  • got addicted to reading fashion blogs
  • thought of starting my own fashion blog
  • started my own "fashion" blog --->you should really check it out, it's called Under Urooba's Umbrella ;)
Okay, that's enough.  Pheeew.

You, readers (any regulars? lol) now deserve an outfit post after that lengthy written section.
Here goes, buckle up.

Dang. Modelling as a future career? Ha!

MY BABIES. And yup, the same ones I wore HERE!
                                                                   ON ME:
  • that same 'ole metallic scarf
  • white jeans: urban planet? $7
  • MY BABIES: Ross, $5
  • metallic blue shirt: lucky thrift find!, $4
  • necklace: Suzy Shier, $2.50
  • mini backpack: Tommy Hilfiger
It's 4AM. Gotta go do some calculus! Ciao bellas!