Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fill-a-heart sale.

In between trying to refrain from becoming too angry whilst reading about rape apologism and/or the comment section on any non-alternative media about Muslims and getting lost trying to find new restaurants when hanging out with new friends and shedding superfluous tears at dumb Bollywood movies and kissing my gorgeous 5-month-old brother incessantly as the summer sun kisses us and coyly fueling my sister's apprehension about graduating high school by feeding her false horror UBC Science stories and mentally preparing for an August Ramadan and tweeting too much and having dangerously volatile opinions about third-wave feminism and becoming simultaneously anxious and excited about second year of university and trying to find ways to diverge from slacktivism and rediscovering the joys of devouring a large number of books in a relatively short period of time and getting dolled up as extravagantly as possible for a friend's pre-wedding functions and increasing my Urdu vocabulary by listening to the collection of phonetic gems otherwise known as Coke Studio....
 ....I got the chance to indulge in a false yet strangely valid kind of happiness: vintage clothes shopping. Yep, F as in Frank (Main St. & Broadway, Vancouver; https://fasinfrankvintage.com) held their bi-annual $10-fill-a-bag-sale and me and my wallet naturally gravitated towards it.
Below, my delightful finds:

A riveting silver metallic and black velvet cropped jacket. Fits like a dream. Will add that hint of pizazz to a plain-jane outfit lest I opt to adorn myself with such an ensemble. Love and lust at first sight. I saw someone toss it into their bag and my heart broke into an infinitesimally small number of pieces. Later, I found it amidst a stack fuzzy sweaters. Two emotions ran through me: joy and relief for being able to have this jacket a part of my life and shock that anyone else would even think to not have it a part of theirs.
A closeup. Look at that delicious button!

Instantaneous Chanel-channeling will occur with this little number.
Faux pearls--what more could ya want!?!

Obnoxiously 80's and has the skyline of a city I would  love to visit. A generic desire, but this sweatshirt is anything but. (Neon fabric paint--OH. MY. GOD.)

Fuzzy yellow sweater. Photographs do not do it justice. Emits feelings of autumn joy. And the right amount of collegiate-chic for my second year of university iA. (!)

The Perfect Black Blazer. Fits Perfectly. Has the Perfect sleeve length. The Perfect number of buttons. The Perfect collar shape. It's Perfect*. 
*photos do not do justice.
Closeup of Perfection. (Velvet cuffs and buttons! Rejoice avec moi.)

Neon hot-pink-and-orange trench? Swoooooooon. Can't wait to strut this on campus amongst my fellow peers a.k.a. hipsters who dress in colours that range from brown to gray to black to olive green to the *daring* navy blue.

Is an explanation even necessary? Commentary mirrors that of the commentary above.

To casually toss on, with my fat jeans. Lazy summer outfit complete. (Why yes, this is a maternity shirt. Any negative reverberations you have with this fact?)

Black sweaters. All unique in their own set of sequin-laden hotness. I couldn't resist bringing them all home. <3
A 'di'-hard fan of diamonds I am.
This one scores all the golds.
Lace white skirt with a flounce so fresh you'd think it was still ripe! Perfect in fulfilling all of my (halal) Taylor Swift music video dreams. (Of which I have none, pfft.)

And I don't know what to do with this one. El-oh-el. 
But how could I resist?

And my vintage Chanel bag. Okay, huff, puff, faux Chanel bag. Nothing gets past you, huh?

Last but not least, these fine booties:
Some good news and some bad news regarding these feet embellishments.
Bad news :(! they are too small for my size 8 feet.
Good news :)! could this be a potential giveaway? Would you, dear comrades, be interested?

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p.p.s. shout out to Drew for allowing me the extra bit of shopping time! Customer preferences, I dig ya. ;)
p.p.p.s of course all this cost < $30!

~bisou, bisou.


BoogieMonsterMan said...


Myself said...

i like the first one.I can imagine the second one on you, it'll make you look sexeh. I'm sort of, a little bit, to the limit of the minimum value of amount in love with your boots/heels.

Isabel said...

Ay carumba, you've got THRIFT SKILLZ! Everything you found is amazing and so perfect for you :)

Sluff said...

awesome items!


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I desperately want all that you bought! Eeek. But I know that you'll rock them, so you better post all your marvelous new outfits! hehe. YAY.

(Oh and for the dress that you don't know what to do with it, I think I have a solution. It's really quite simple... one word... LEXY.)