Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer, don't leave white away.

This summer has been the perfect blend of work, play, and all-around general lounging. This dress embodies that to a tee.
When I'm hard at work passively flopping my hands into the hands of manicurists, it's appropriate.
When I'm conjuring up wordplay spontaneously, it's appropriate.
When I lounge around all general-like, it's a little less appropriate. (I prefer to be lackadaisical in clothes that severely lack opulence).
*this is a satirized pose. No one in their white mind (ha) configures their limbs like this intentionally.

*this is a semi-satirized pose.


who what wear? 
  • geometric-patterned dress, $3, thrifted 2. 
  • vintage, tattered, pre-loved sandals, $2, thrifted [my Summer Sandal as of late] 3. 
  • black tights, $4, Forever 21  

[jewelery] who what wear?
  • blue ring: Old Navy (I know, right!?), $3
  • coral & gold necklace: Stitches, $1
  • silver ring: Zellers, $1.50
  • silver bracelet: Pakistan
  • studded bracelet: thrifted, $1.50

Hope y'all are having a fantastic summer! Connect with me, else I seldom know of your existence.
I update very infrequently (#blamethemuslims, am I right, am I right?), so the most active I am in cyberspace is over @ Twitter, dear comrades:!/uroobajamal
Come. Follow me.
(Let me believe I have much ascendancy over y'all. *Wink, wink.) 

*attempt at winking. I refuse to believe otherwise. What! No! It is not an Awkward Face! Awkward phase? Maybe.
Toodles, mere pyarein.


Anonymous said...

Rooba, where'd the music go?! I miss your uroobish blend of songs! I loove your blog! The writing is just so punny, clever and infused with your personality! Btw, I MISS YOU <3 ~Cynthia

Hannah Muminah said...

beautiful ^ ^

Isabel said...

I love all your poses, satirized or not! <3