Monday, September 26, 2011

It Never Gets Ti(g)ering

This post will not ooze collegiate-chic as it so rightfully should. Won't ooze sophomore collegiate-chic to be exact. No, won't ooze second-year collegiate-chic to be exact exact, seeing as I am no American (& do not particularly aspire to be. Re: Troy Davis sad-edy. [tragedy + sad]).

Instead, it will attempt to reinforce the norm of longing for summer. Please sit back & enjoy me having ascendancy over you for the next few moments in time.

 Longing for summer reaffirmed yet? Oh, no? Fear not, there's more captured moments of time where this came from.
 who what wear?
  •     shiny blue scarf, $2, F as in Frank
  •     vintage floral dress, $3, Value Village
  •     gold metallic tights, $10, h&m  
  •     bright blue pumps, $3, thrifted
  •     bedazzled vintage vest, momma's from the 80's
 The beautiful thing about being a maximalist is that you can repeat outfits (gasp!shock!horror!) with a simple switch of accessories. Case in point: I've worn this ensemble to convocation ceremonies, birthday dinners, & summer Microeconomics classes.

[jewellery] who what wear?
  •  blue ring, Old Navy, $3
  • gold cuff, Forever 21
  • white & gold necklace, Aldo, $10
  • blue & gold necklace, Value Village, < $2

Now, here: gallivanting graciously amidst suburban terrain...or picking a frustratingly deep-seated (literally) wedgie? You decide.

p.s. Exciting Life Updates in This L'il Life O' Mine vis-à-vis Photographs
In this photo I am in the possession of the Delicious Boy, who is my 7-month old baby brother who has not made an appearance on UUU yet (!!!!!!!!!!!).

I am currently a Residence Advisor at school. In short, I get paid to have TONS OF LEGAL FUN.
Above is my Small Team. & a cheer we never get tigerd (heh) of re-enacting: "1-2 KU, 3-4 Hear us roar! *roar*)

bisou, bisou, mes darlings. Till next time (which will not be a month later. *winces*)


Anonymous said...

Mashallah, your baby brother is a gorgeous little dumpling!
Thank you for finally updating :) love your crazy vest xx

Anonymous said...

Salam, Urooba! Your brother is sweet!
How are your studies?
Good luck on the exams.


Shahirah Elaiza said...

Didn't know you had a lil bro! He's a cutie mashaAllah