Wednesday, October 26, 2011

[video!] What's Happening Write Now

In between constructing coffins for the most enjoyable (pretend) funeral/murder mystery I have had the pleasure of organizing and attending; and receiving mail in an actual mailbox that is not an email inbox; and having my lips formulate the shape of a bowl every time I hear Joshua Radin's "I Missed you"
[]; and getting abnormally excited at the fact that as of late there have been many parallels between my Urban Studies, Sociology of Racial and Ethnic Inequality and World Literature classes; and having my breath taken away as I behold the sight of fall on campus; and drawing out dramatic, induced-by-pseudo-annoyance sighs every time someone wrote a generic "happy bday :D" greeting upon my Facebook wall; and smiling copiously every time someone did not do that; and connecting with the Pakistani diaspora on campus by being an executive of a Pakistan Students' Association, and having conversations with my residents a.k.a. children in the washroom with toothpaste-foam-stuffed mouths, and by thrifting a string of lights for $1 that I have put up in my room and that are much too romantic and reaffirm my desire for a significant other but not really just joking; and being somewhat relieved my french class is much like highschool french parce-que c'est tres facile; and actually resorting to penciling in time in our schedules to have casual hang-out sessions with my BFF because our lives are just that divergent and busy now; and discovering that if I were to be an academic discipline I would most likely be sociology, seeing as I think like a sociologist a lot of the time now; and wearing glittery black slacks to an interview because metallic gold tights and tie-dyed denim will just not do; and repeating jokes far too often in the day that even I tire of my redundancy; and having conversations about political efficacy and racial segregation with 75-year-old men in groovy cafes that have gender-neutral washrooms; and being of an interest to 26-give-or-take-year-old fobby sales clerks at convenience stores who offer me free samosas whilst slippng me their number....

...a  friend and I made a video! It's a tribute to Vancouver and some of the reasons why we love this place. Originally for the creative part of an application and now for your viewing pleasure, too!

p.s. outfit post soon!
p.p.s. hello new followers!
p.p.p.s. 2  milestones: am now 19. This l'il 'ol blog, UUU, is about to turn TWO YEARS OLD. Aw, my baby! <3


Ladon said...

Love it! <3

Anonymous said...

Salam, Urooba! Long time no hear from you...
The video is great! Makes me wish to live in Vancouver.
How was your Pink Hijab Day? Mine was good; take a look at it in my blog.
Best wishes, said...

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