Tuesday, November 29, 2011

éclatement de l'inspiration

"Women are not created weaker but more generous than men. They are created more beautiful and less fierce, as beauty hates to hurt and harm others. That is why they seem weak to people, but in reality they are not. Angels are the strongest of created beings, and women are closer to the angelic nature than men, as they are readier than men to carry angelic light. It is the good manners and ethics of spirituality which they carry which makes them less forceful than men. Even physically, however, they are extremely strong. They undergo great upheavals in their body without flinching for the sake of childbirth, and face the direst physical conditions more successfully than men because God has enabled them to insure the survival of generations."

-Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)

Just a quickie post; burst of inspiration & what not. It's been way too long, mes amies. <3
Life's been crazy-busy, obvs. Fear not, been doing errrr'thang in tacky, thrift-y, vintage-y clothes, bien sûr. 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful quote mashallah :) Please do one of your style updates! Am dying to see more "vintage-y clothes"! xx

Sluff said...

This quote was so touching!! Where did you find it? Is it hadith?

Zarine Mohideen said...

That is a really beautiful quote, MashaAllah.

You need to post more often! I miss your crazy pictures and even crazier descriptions! You've turned me into a stalker!

Anonymous said...

Salam, Urooba!

I also miss your posts and comments in my blog. Where are you, beautiful and strong woman?

Best wishes!.


Masha-allah.. love it!

We live in a society where everyone thinks that women are either oppressed in Islam or weaker.
This is the best quote to show that women are just as equal as men in Islam, however, different in beautiful ways.
Thank you sister xx

HijabiFoSho said...

This is beautiful. I love "as beauty hates to hurt and harm others". Nice find. :)