Friday, February 1, 2013

Formal Introduction

I don't do well with formalities but I'd say I do adequately enough with formal wear.



*These last two purple & yellow outfits were worn to my cousin's wedding shenanigans. The "who what wear" follows in a similar fashion to the hot pink & white outfit's one. 

{inspiration of the last little while}:

1. One of my favourite stanzas from one of my favourite poems from one of my favourite poets:

“...this thought keeps consoling me:/though tyrants may command that lamps be smashed/in rooms where lovers are destined to meet/they cannot snuff out the moon/so today/nor tomorrow/no tyranny will succeed/no poison of torture make me bitter/if just one evening in prison can be so strangely sweet/if just one moment anywhere on this earth.” 
- فیض احمد فیض (Faiz Ahmed Faiz, “A Prison Evening”)

2. This excerpt is always pertinent:

"There is no poetry in this / There are causes & effects / There are symbols & ideologies / Mad conspiracy here, & information we will never know / There is death here, & there are promises of more / There is life here / Anyone reading this is breathing, maybe hurting, but breathing for sure / If there is any light to come, it will shine from the eyes of those who look for peace & justice after the rubble and rhetoric are cleared & the phoenix has risen 
/ Affirm life
/ Affirm life
/ We got to carry each other now / You are either with life, or against it
Affirm life.”
- Suheir Hammad, 'First Writing Since'

3. The current playlist:

All in all, just living the twentieth year of life, in this 13th year of the new century.

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Assalam Alaykum, Urooba!

you have style and you´re very beautiful in yellow.

Have you forgotten me???? Come and let a comment in my blog,