Friday, January 29, 2010


Today, I'm blogging at the ungodly hour of 9 PM. 9 PM! I mean, the sun isn't even beginning to rise.

Also, 8.3% of 2010 IS ALREADY OVER. Before ya know it, I'll be 32 with a myriad of laugh lines and crow's feet meticulously arranged upon my face.
Well, at least at 32, I won't have to deal with standardized testing. Right, right, right?

Because of finals and whatnot, I have formulae and the bronsted-lowry acid/base chart and the components of the male reproductive system and the process of urination and sinusoidal waves and the derivative of velocity...
holy dingbats, what was I saying?

Right, right...because of all that immersed in my brain I don't have anything interesting to say this week. Let's assume that what I've written in previous posts has been interesting. WORK WITH ME HERE, PEOPLE.

So, instead, here's some fashion porn that's been piling up on my computer. Not literally, although that could get interesting.....

HER SHOES. 'Nuff said.
 the sartorialist





Omg, lust! want! need!
 Sequins tickle my fancy, fyi.


Ha, I've made the transition from wordy posts to image-heavy posts. Ooo, metamorphasis.

Now, an outfit of my own; one of those, casual, school days' ones.


  • striped black and white shirt - ?, from my prepubescent days
  • black and navy striped shift dress - ?, thrifted
  • denim vest - $2, thrifted a la Value Village
  • white jeans - $7, Urban Planet
  • bag - $5, Urban Planet (worn an exponential number of times!)
  • jewelery: claire's, suzy shier, forever 21, jules & james, Pakistan, the dollar store, and...the drama room at school, lol (that blue mardi gras beaded necklace).

'Kay, well, I'mma go do whatever it is I do. Asta la vista.


Kristiana V said...

I don't actually know what europeans call braids :D i think we actually use both words - braids and plaits :)

Shiggy said...

lovely <3