Monday, March 8, 2010

MONOCHROMATIC MADNESS. This is madness, I tell ya!

Hey, blogosphere!
The reason for my two week absence from blogging was because...
...I was whisked away to Paris Fashion Week, where I stayed in a hotel amidst a whirlwind of designers, one of whom asked me to be his latest muse. When I was finally left alone to sight see, on my way back from being enticed by the highly revered Eiffel Tower, I was struck with approximately 700 volts of electricity via a terrible lightening storm that struck most of Europe. I was rushed to an exotic french hospital, which, to my amusement, was located beside France's largest brothel.  In my fragile state, I was able to witness a whole new level of, err, camaraderie. After my quick and miraculous recovery (all the french news stations aired my story), I spent the rest of the week hanging out with some indigenous people, who made a living selling hand-crafted clay bead necklaces. Then I came home and went to school and stuff.

AND NOW IT'S SPRING BREAK! Joy! Glee! Happiness! Contentment! Euphoria! Optimism!

Lets round up a few monochromatic outfits, now shall we? (In honor of 4 of the 5 Olympic Ring colours! --worn during Olympic Spirit Week @ schoolio.):

Mostly Monochromatic Black Outfit:
  • blazer: $7, thrifted via Salvation Army in pretty, pretty New Westminster
  • wetlook tights: $5, Urban Outfitters
  • studded bag: $10, Mariposa 
  • KICK ASS BOOTS: $4, thrifted via Salvation Army in pretty, pretty New Westminster, also

Mostly Monochromatic Red Outfit:
  •  red jeans: $15, wetseal
  • red plaid shirt: $5, Urban Behaviour
  • red bag: $3, Joe Fresh (bought at a national grocery store chain, how high-end-fashion am I?)
  • red beaded necklace of awesome: $1, Value Village

Mostly Monochromatic Green Outfit:
  • green dress: $3, Joe Fresh
  • green flats: $3, Joe Fresh
  • green purse: $3, Zellers
  • denim vest: $2, Value Village

 Mostly Monochromatic Blue Outfit:
  • blue shirt: $5, Zellers
  • blue flats: $3, Joe Fresh
  • electric blue jeans: ?
  • all the blue jewelery I own: various
Alright, so still with me? Noice. My yellow outfit, I didn't document, but I'm sure y'all get the idea, huh?

Kay, get on out of here quick; don't make me BOOT ya!


Unknown said...


rach said...

thanks for visiting my blog :)

AND WOOOW. i never have the guts to wear all of one colour (unless its black or white). WOOOOW.


Rachel Tanski said...

such a fun idea. though i doubt i have enough green, red or yellow things to do it.

Anonymous said...

GREAT outfits! love how u matched it with your headscarf!

especially love the shiny thrifted blazer :)

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love your monochromatic looks!!

Sad China said...


I like how you matched everything! And everything wasn't over $20, which I love. Because, guess what, I love to buy inexpensive -- NOT CHEAP, /inexpensive/ -- stuffs as well.

I haven't been to the Salvation Army down in New West... since I live all the way over in LANGLEY.

Hey, neighbor. Surrey is baaaad. Guns. jkjk :D haha. Langley is the one with the shootings all the time. :P

It's so nice to read about someone who lives so close! I feel... like I can relate to you!!!!!!!!!

/end exclamation mark rant.

anyhoo, thanks for following, i love you, i love your blog.

Anonymous said...

... flats for $3 at Joe?! The last time I checked, even the one on clearance were $10+. I never get any deals :(
Also, I love the green and blue looks! Absolutely stunning! Gosh, you need to put up the yellow too. Just recreate it ;)

Sara Bow said...

I loove your Blazer in the first pic =)

& great Shoes!



Okay. This is SOOO WEIRD, but when I was reading your story I was like "WOOOAHHHH. Sounds familiar."

This was totally my life 2 years ago. Now I'm happily residing in Paris as Lagerfield's muse. It's alright.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

PS. Love the idea of monochromatic outfits!

Kristiana Vasarina said...

oh i love your kick ass boots :D!

Sonya said...

I love the bag and blazer in the first pic! This is a fun idea.

Anonymous said...

ure shoes at wednesday outfit so awesome!!

Alisa said...

I love this! Esp the black outfit!