Friday, March 26, 2010

Sleep deprived, yet I still derive.

"EPIPHANY: I will be graduating high school in approximately 3 MONTHS inshallah!"

Thank you  for your cooperation. We will now resume regular programming.

The promise of my vintage shopping experience documentation will actually be fulfilled in the next post--I didn't end up wearing my vintage dress, so just you wait, blogosphere!

Interesting/thought-provoking/bizarre/good/bad/otherwise note-worthy occurrences this/last week in this life of mine:
  • recited some slam poetry/spoken word in front of a LIVING, BREATHING AUDIENCE in a funky, eclectic cafe in Vancouver {because of a fundraiser/celebration with the Surrey Urban Youth Project}
  •   THIS song became my guilty pleasure [beware--teeny-bopper-y]: 

  •  Well that's all I can think of, quite honestly. Such an interesting life I lead, huh? But this seems like a nice permanent installment to my blogeddy blog de blog.

Technically, I haven't worn this outfit out of the house. I was playing around with that vintage cobalt blue shirt I picked up during said vintage shopping experience, and snapped a photo. Potential outfit for the public eye, yeah, yeah, yeah?
  • shirt: True Value Vinatge (in Vancouver), $5
  • dress: Joe Fresh, $3
  • heels: thrifted via Salvation Army: $2.50
  • stirrup tights: from my childhood, yessir.
  • purse: gifted via Urban Behaviour

Monday outfit!:

  • shirt: H&M, $ dumbo sis bought it 'cause it was on sale...even though it's an XL. Cheapness runs in the family, yo. Eh, nothing a coupla belts can't fix. ;)
  • purple belt: thrifted via a random Vancouver thrift shop, $1
  • yellow belt: Joe Fresh, $3
  • flats: Joe Fresh, $6
  • pink heart necklace worn to death: James & Jules, $2

Tuesday Outfit!:
  •  pants: Joe Fresh, $?
  • blue shiny shirt: thrifted via Salvation Army, $5...also worn here
  • plaid vest: DIY, cut it from a dress from my prepubescent days
  • kick ass boots: thrifted via Salvation Army, $4

Wednesday Outfit!:

  •  kick ass sneaks: Reebok
  • grey dress: Old Navy, $5
  • denim vest: thrifted via Value Village, $2

    Thursday Outfit!:

    [Ignore my face, ewewew]. This outfit, I thought, was rather blah, but I received quite a bit of compliments! People said I looked NORMAL. I was horrified, but they assured me that I looked NORMAL *wince*, but nice. So.
    •  gilttery, YES, GLITTERY silver jeans: Ross, $2!    
    • blue flats: Joe Fresh, $3   
    • jewelery: Forever 21, Suzy Shier, thrifted, Claire's, Pakistan, etc.  

    And finally, what I wore during said Spoken Word Performance:

    • hot pink blazer: thrifted via a random thrift store in Vancouver for a cool five bucks!
    • other items: you've seen before.


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    *Katia* said...

    i like your blog,very nice! i will follow it :)

    Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

    always love your color combinations ;) have a nice weekend! xoxo

    the black Muffin said...
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    Mimi said...

    Hi there. Love the colourful outfits (:

    Wow slam poetry sounds delectable.

    OMMMGGG You're graduating!!! What will you be doing???
    I'm graduating next year!!! Holy crap... I'm excited. And scared at the same time. We'll be on our own for the first time!

    ps. thanks for visiting, love (:

    Margaret said...

    what gorgeous colours
    awesome post :D
    great blog you have here too!
    stop by some time xx

    kirstyb said...

    wow bet ur excited to finish school time will fly by! great outfits xxx

    Fatima said...

    Gorgeous<3 I am loving your 'Thursday' outfit especially!!

    AttemptingStyle said...

    love the shoulders in the first look, and the studded bag on... tuesday? you're so playful with color, its great to see as someone to who dark purple is a little crazy. gorgeous as always!

    Dhu said...

    Holy snap, you have some really awesome, colourful clothing. I really love those vintage pieces, they rock! (The top in the first picture is so amazing!)

    Also, slam poetry, sweet.

    [[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

    I love how you put different colours together, awesome.
    Im loving thursdays outfit. Gorgeous!

    mom & son said...

    Congrats, 3 more months to go and you're graduate!
    Good luck, sweetie!

    K e m a y u said...

    we have the same mission girl!

    keep fashionable!

    visit my blog:

    Sonya said...

    I love how all of your outfits are so colorful!
    And congrats on graduating..that was one of the best days of my life, haha!

    Texan in UAE said...

    I love your style!!! very colorful!

    RACHEL said...

    HELLO !

    you're a mighty colourful person :) oh, I AM GRADUATING TOO IN APPROXIMATELY 3 MONTHS. i'm sooo excited.

    serisouly. i wonder if you're like me... are you slacking off. I AM SO SLACKING, I PROCRASTINATE EVERYTHING NOW. cant wait to get out of high school and go to university. ahhhhh.

    Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

    WAAAYOOO. Congrats on almost graduating! You must be excited.

    Like, I'm graduating in a YEAR and three months... And I'm excited! Gah. Envy, envy.

    Love the colour blocking on the outfits!

    beautifulnemo said...

    Your blog is so interesting:) I'm following you!


    THE DIVINITUS said...

    that intense blue is so yummy...