Saturday, June 19, 2010

This termination needs no explanation. ♥

10 letters. 5 years. 2 words. 1 experience like no other. High school.
And now it's over. ZOMG-WTH-WHAT THE FAUX-HAWK-ARE YOU SERIOUS!?! //cue the end of dramatic pandemonium. I've now reached that perfect ying-yang balance of being grateful and appreciative of all the memories, people and experiences in the last 5 years alhamdulillah...whilst still being ABSOLUTELY ready for...the rest of my life!

what I wore on the very first day of twelfth grade:
  • green dress: Old Navy, $5
  • white skinnies: Urban Planet, $7
  • jelly gladiator sandals: Wet Seal, $5
  • green bangle: ALDO, $1.50
  • purse: ?
  • ring: Claire's
LOL, look at all the places I used to shop at! 

what I wore on the very last day of twelfth grade:
The tree and I both have pleats!

Posing behind a universally-known expletive--YOU KNOW HOW I DO. Oh wait, ew. This seems like I'm an advocate for the use of profanity. NO! No, I'm not!
 who what wear?
  • multi-colored "shirt" (it's the top half of a dress!): vintage via Talize, $7
  • green pleated skirt (love!): Value Village, $3
  • gold wedges: Joe Fresh, $3
  • coral necklace + gold chain: Suzy shier, $2.50 + Jules & James, $2.50
  • gold cuff bracelet: Forever 21 
  •  purse: ?

Similarities: wearing a green item and that green purse! WHOA, coincidence!
Difference: Now I know what I want to do with the rest of my life. LOL jk, I don't know. But I'm off to UBC (University of British Columbia, fyi) next year iA! Any fellow bloggers from there? Holla!

Alright mother lovers! Until next time.
(and omg YAY; 37 followers. Goal by December? 100.)


Nevin said...

awwwww, highschool is one rough roller coaster! i love your style girl <3 i love how colourful your clothes are! i just love that green. you dare to get out there and try out different styles and clothes. i like that, i wish i could be bold enough to do that. i'm slowly coming out of my shell lol i'm getting there.

and i can't seem to find bargains! gahhhh everyone finds awesome clothes with great prices and i end up buying an average top for like $30 AUD!not, fair.

jungleworldcitizen said...

Congratulations! I hope all goes well for you at university!
Have a beautiful Sunday!

Charlotte Elise Jay said...

I love your last outfit :) :) :)

The colours work sooooo well together!!

Char x

six-twentytwo-onine said...

i love you last outfit too.. its a nice way to end it with a bang,.... love alisha
thanks for dropping by..

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Faboulista said...

urooba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it. when i look at my earlier posts i used to wear a lot of those labels as well. since i started blogging i'm taking more risks incorporating more vintage its so much better. u have the craziest, mots unique style ever. plss plss take me vintage shopping with u next time. i'm in dire need of some inspiration!

sobia said...

I love your maxi skirt! And only three dollars?? I'm so useless at thrifting! :(

Umm, well I was going to say 'you sound so American', but then I figured you might be offended lol. My accent is like...umm, you know the singer Corinne Bailey Rae - her! lol...

♥Mimi said...

i'm probs going to ubc when i graduate too = = ahaha... so i'll see you there!!! i'll find you amidst all the students and i'll run up to you and say "UNDER UROOBA'S UMBRELLA?!" and you'll look at me like i'm crazy! :D

i love both of your outfits here. the colours are amazing :D

Seema said...

Gorgeous outfits, very colour coordinanted :)

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

You look fabulous - on the first and the last day of grade 12 (and high school ZOMG).

My BFF's dream school is UBC! Have FUN. The campus looks FABOUSH. (Sorry, I never use that word!)

And gurl, of course I'll invite you to lookbook. (Haha, I haven't used it in months, Imma revise it!). I just need your email! said...

My daughter love you outfit. ( the one thats 5). Green looks nice on you.

Sarah said...

Congratulations on finishing high school (lucky duck!) Both of your outfits look awesome...your top of the last day picture is GORGEOUS!

Isabel said...

Congrats, Urooba! Just dropped by to say that your blog is supercute and refreshing. Keep doin' what yer doin'! Our mutual love for sequins is also awesome. :)

*Katia* said...

i have the same gladiator sandals but in white

nisanichan said...

that green skirt >.< super love it !