Monday, June 14, 2010

Video: Why I Started Blogging

WHY I STARTED BLOGGING with a dash of geeky talk from Urooba Jamal on Vimeo.
So here is yours truly, a.k.a. Urooba Jamal, saying a speech that was said at the Surrey School District Speech Meet. As made blatantly obvious by the classroom aesthetics, this isn't the ACTUAL event. It's the day after. My Honours English teacher/speech meet coordinator thought it would be a good idea if the winners/finalists recited their speeches to our Honours English classes.

My topic? Why I started blogging. I wrote it the night before the Meet (eep, I know. But as a professional procrastinator, it is what I must do). Unfortunately, I didn't place...but I was a finalist, which is still [sort of] a big deal.


Ignore my stumbled words, and enjoy my *wisdom* instead!
Also, I had a request for a vlog! This is the next best thing.


six-twentytwo-onine said...

thanks girl for your comment....
idk if i call myself a dual blogger ..but only my bf knows about my blog.. in my opinion i think a dual blogger is someone who acts different from real life and cyber life.i am the same person in the internet and outside of it . i dont think someone who hides their blogger identity is a dual blogger ... idk if its just me who thinks like that heheheheh
love alisha

Gela said...

my boyfriend & a few of my friends know i have a blog. my family doesn't, i think, but i don't mind if they or other people find out about it. i just try my best to be careful of what i post, especially since the Internet is open for anybody & everybody to read. :p


boat ride through the sky said...

I tell everyone about my blog because I use it to promote my bussiness as a stylist. By the way I like your blog it's nice.

Fashion Butter said...

hmmm .... Some people know about my blog, and others I haven't told yet because I don't think they would get it.

But I did tell my dad and stepmom recently and they love it so much they now started calling to give me tips on places to shoot and their thoughts on how to grow it. hahaha

Charlotte Elise Jay said...

alot of my friends and family know about my blog, im not sure how many read, im guessing not many but I like to show my life how it really is :)

Thanks for this post

Char x

♥Mimi said...

heyaa nice vid!

the song is grizzly bear - two weeks (:

Seema said...

Cute post, and congrats on being a finalist :)

sobia said...

Ahh, you sound so Canadian <3 <3

My family know and my friends, but my blog is something personal, I don't know if I would be comfortable with a random acquaintance knowing about it.

I have made some awesome friends through blogging - wierd how I am comfortable with them and not with real life people.

★ Nina Saiful said...

NICE! You have such an amazing blog! ;D

I like it here :D

Classique chérie

Fashion Chalet said...

You are so sweet!!!! ♥

thank you for the motivation and support. :)


JOWY said...

Congrats, i like ya blog its so colourful and diffrent from other blogs.

One Love,

Ashi said...

Urooba ur so darn funny! i was in creases watching the vid :D

i wouldn't say i'm a dual blogger, my sisters and a few friends know about mum and dad wouldn't really care if they knew as long as i'm not getting up to anything dodgy lol

not alot of my friends know about it simply because it wouldnt interest them i think, but i wouldnt freak out if they were to come across it...i dont have anything to hide :)

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

GURL. You rule! I LOVED seeing that video (note: you should do more). You're so hilarious and you talk just like you write (hilarious, that is). And from the roars of laughter, your classmates find you hilarious as well. (Oh and btw, your course load is insane so graduating earns you a big CONGRATS.)

My sister is literally the only person that knows about my blog. So, yeah, it's a dual life. Well, I wouldn't actually call it dual - because what I do and what I say and what I wear is in my "real" life, just people in my "real" life don't know I post it online? Haha. My school's SO tiny and everything spreads so quickly (like, literally, people talk about facebook statuses and stuff because we HAVE NOTHING TO DO) so it's nice to keep it a secret. It's not like they wouldn't understand it or anything (my love for fashion is quite obvious haha), but it might be awkward if everyone knew everything and jazz and stuff. I kind of just like keeping it to myself.


Thanks for all your comments! They're hilarious. (I find myself using hilarious associated with you a little lot...)

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