Thursday, September 30, 2010

"I hate having my life disrupted by routine."--Caskie Stinnett

proof I could easily have been classified as a bookworm, even in the first decade of my life:
*all spelling/grammatical errors are left as is.
January 31, 2002 
"Yesterday we went to the libary. We bought 21 books home we read them all in one night and one morning."
Look at those vampire-esque teeth! Thank god for orthodontic assistance!
Oh hello, internet. There are 3 more things you should know.

1. 2 weeks ago (I am sooo terrible with being punctual!) the lovely Denise Bomfim from Brazil (again, how exotic, huh?!) wrote a piece about me in her blog! :D Her blog is a great read ( check it out fo' shizzle! She blogs in Portugese and English, so cool. Check out the post HERE!

2. Remember my last Candor article? The totalitarianism approach I took to advise males on how  they should dress? Yeah, you should read it: 
Now, can't get enough of my article(s) at Candor (heehee)? Well, you're in luck! My second post (counting sweatpants as a deadly sin, presented in a satrical manner) just went up today: GO GO GO HERE GO HERE GO GO GO HERE!
3. THANK YOU, THANK YOU TO NEW FOLLOWERS! Sorry, I am emulating a poopy-face and neglecting my humble little baby blog a bit too much. I miss it! I miss interacting with other bloggers, namely, you all! But I am so unbelievably busy (still, the good kind of busy). 
CAN YOU BELIEVE I HAVE ~1000 unread POSTS ON BLOGLOVIN'!? I have some serious catching up to do. 

Love, love! Toodles!

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Andrea said...

I read the article and it's really funny, as usual.
I loved that other one too... what was it called? Something about a device that makes people being rude to you... argh, I can't remember(too lazy to find the post, too) but I know I laughed out loud. The best part is the happy customers comments :D
Congratulations on your second article! Hope there will be many more of them :)