Monday, September 6, 2010

Do I got post-secondary swagger? Duh. It's a univers(ity)ally known fact.

By 8:30 am tomorrow, I will no longer be stuck in that awkward academic 'no man's land' between high school graduation and first year university (Americans: that's freshman at college, yo) [insha'allah].

These are the books I'd have bought if I had been peer-pressured, no, PARENT-pressured into completing a degree associated with said books:
For the record, I do enjoy math (sort of)...but I ran out of science-y subjects to make fun of (mwahaha).
Also, my immense dislike for the aforementioned subjects is completely justified--I've taken them in their full entirety (a.k.a. honours/enriched/AP courses). It wasn't pretty.

Now I'm venturing off into the Faculty of Arts--a faculty of sunshine and rainbows and 'so up my alley' and fun and butterflies...and no employment? I'm finally taking all the courses that I want (i.e. journalism, creative writing, sociology...) but can't help but be skeptical every step of the way.

Pessimistic and apprehensive paradigms aside, I am pretty excited. There are so many opportunities and it is surprisingly not overwhelming--I just want to seize 'em all!

Oh and how can I possibly forget? First-Day-of-University-Outfit, right?! (Well, technically, Orientation a.k.a Imagine Day. P.S. during the pep rally they'll be playing a video, and I'll be in it! Reppin' the Class of 2014, yo).  All planned out. Enjoy these feeble, animated, WORKS OF ART, till the real thing. (Arts wears purple on the first day, fyi!)

Now, enjoy Under Urooba's Umbrella through the eyes of a UNIVERSITY STUDENT (gasp).
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Fickle Cattle said...

I had the same problem with math and science. So shifted to arts. Then graduated and had a difficult time finding a job. Then entered law school.

This comment has no point. I just wanted to share.

Krystal said...

go you!
no...i'm not in school anymore. sigh. i miss it though

Ashi said...

eeee i'm putting myself through university again [albeit just for a year, still though!]

i look forward to the blog posts from the eyes of a university student =D

hijabi hippie hypo said...

I love all the pics! me too- i did science a levels and a science foundation year just to convince the parents that science was not my calling!! im now gonna start Business Economics degree iA- cannot wait!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

GURL. YOU ARE THE PUN MASTER COMBINED WITH THE PAINT MASTER... The paun master? puint master? OKAY, neither works. But STILL. You get the idea!

I hope your first day of "REAL LIFE" goes swimmingly! FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS AND SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITIES IN WHICH LIFE PRESENTS YOU. (I intentionally went the "excessively cheesy" route to convey my point without sounding ridiculously awkward and dorky. SUCCESS!)

But really - hope it goes well! Don't forget us little people when you... go onto the next chapter of your life?

Holy awkward cheesefest. Yeah, byeee.

Leandro Souza said...

Assalam walaikum.

Here I am, again.
Yea, your blog is really interesting and funny. I need to update my posts because there are no new words there.
That's right, I write in Portuguese, my mother tongue.
Talk to you soon and take till there.

Faboulista said...

urooba how was your first day at ubc? liked it? tell me all about it!

Isabel said...

HAVE FUN!!!! You're going to love it.

Denise Bomfim said...

Salam, Eid Mubarak!
I hope your dreams come true...just follow your heart...and everything will be wonderful in the university.
May I post about you in my blog? I would like to write about a young girl that is intelligent, fashionable and that loves Islam.
May I put your photo there? The one in black and white that is artistic and beautiful?
I wait for your reply,