Sunday, February 27, 2011

Simple, (U)necessary Ramble. Will be back to regular programming soon.

This is one of those posts you don't want to read.
Short, apologetic, even boring it will be.
However, I feel I have to explain myself and my sporadic blogging.
True, the past couple of months have been distinctively busy for me. However, the last couple of weeks, although laden with activities that consume large amounts of time, have not been extremely busy. There is nothing to explain my lack of blogging.
Still, today, in the midst of speculating on this fine Sunday afternoon, a development of a possible theory came about.

Perhaps it is because there is too information that [I] am consuming. With the advent of social media (namely, Twitter, sometimes Facebook) and the hubbub of university life (a fine, stark contrast to just about a few months ago, when I was still in highschool), I believe my problem is that I'm subconsciously overwhelmed with taking everything in. So to write a blog post, it's like, where the heck-ity-heck do I start? I say subconsciously, because I am enjoying this process. In no way is this a complaint. It is simply the cognizant of something that's been at the back of mind for a while.

It's not affecting just blogging, but other aspects too: schoolwork, tasks for extra-currics, responding to emails/texts. Always have been a procrastinator, but now this is simply at a whole 'nother level.
Am I crazy? Have you felt this too? Are you crazy, then, too?
I may not even feel this way tomorrow. But I sure am now.

And now a random, aesthetically-appealing doodle of mine to break up text.

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