Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Imagine witnessing oppression and doing something about it.
Something small; arguably vestigial and insignificant .
Like posting a vlog.
Imagine it going viral.
Imagine having two million people support your fight for justice.
Imagine revolting.
Imagine single-handedly starting A REVOLUTION.
This social media zealot is awed at the power of Twitter and Facebook.
This not-particularly-socially-active-even-though-she-tries-to-take-an-interest-to-the-best-of-her-abilities individual is even more awed at the power and courage of those Egyptians brave enough to stand up for their rights. 
Peace & solidarity & safety of the peaceful protesters; I wish for all this and send prayers to my brethren halfway across the world. GO EGYPT! And go Mubarak, just go.

Supporting a revolution and history-in-the-making with unkempt appearances and non-vintage clothes would be almost blasphemous! Juggling academics and copious extra-curricular activities, along with ingesting plates of carrot muffins ladened with vanilla ice-cream--a surprisingly and exceedingly delicious combination--must be done in a manner that incorporates clothes from the 80's and 90's, too.

Therefore, I ornamented myself with this outfit:

 who what wear?
  • kaleidoscopic, vintage, geometric-print, flippin' awesome skirt, $1, Jet Rag
  • tie-dyed jeans, $10, Urban Planet
  • black velvet bootie heels, $10
  • vintage sequined cropped jacket, $5, Value Village
  • teal pashmina scarf, $5, Urban Planet
  • green, long-sleeve tee, $3, Ross
*This was actually worn whilst I performed spoken word in front of a crowd, of which I do have a video...but technology is being lame. Perhaps in the near future iA?

**This is the powerful, moving vlog that was the catalyst for the whole revolution:

Oh, and I how could I possibly forget?! Stay tuned for a giveaway occurring soon on an Under Urooba's Umbrella blog post near you! (*hint: there's only one ;))
You'll want to enter.
Free stuff.
Oh sh'aaaap. You know consumerism drives your soul.


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Emina said...

support for peple of your blog..and your outfits sister

Denise Bomfim said...

Salam, salam, salam! I hope Peace come back to Egypt.
Your clothes are colourful, full of life. You are also full of life!
Go on...full of life, too.

Sluff said...

really love those tie-dye jeans!

jtz said...

your posts never fail to leave me lauging AND thinking, duas are with those in egypt...

becks said...

I can't stop loving those shoes!!!

Lavendergirl said...

Salaams! you've been awarded the stylish blogger award. Please Check it out at:

Anonymous said...

Love your outfit and the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!