Monday, June 4, 2012


"Disorientation is the loss of the East. Ask any navigator: the east is what you sail by. Lose the east & you lose your bearings, your certainties, your knowledge of what is & what may be, perhaps even your life...
...But let's just suppose. What if the whole deal - orientation, knowing where you are, & so on - what if it's all a scam? What if all of it - home, kinship, the whole enchilada - is just the biggest, most truly global, & centuries -oldest piece of brainwashing?  Suppose that it's only when you dare to let go that your real life begins? When you're whirling free of the mother ship, when you cut your ropes, slip your chain, step off the map, go absent without leave, scram, vamoose, whatever: suppose that it's then, & only then, that you're actually free to act! To lead the life nobody tells you how to live, or when or why. In which nobody orders you to go forth & die for them, or for god, or comes to get you because you broke one of the rules, or because you're one of those people who are, for reasons which unfortunately can't be given, simply not allowed. Suppose you've got to go through the feeling of being lost, into the chaos & beyond: you've got to accept the loneliness, the wild panic of losing your moorings, the vertiginous terror of the horizon spinning round & round like the edge of a coin tossed in the air." 

- Salman Rushdie, "The Ground Beneath Her Feet"

This book has been amazing thus far.


Denise Bomfim said...

Salam, Urooba! Long time no hear from you. I hope you come back to your blog!!

About the text: All tragedies happen because the human being still did not discover that the Earth is our unique home.

Visit me soon;
Allah Maaki.

Urooba said...

Thanks Denise - your comments always make my day! =)
I know, I'm a terrible blogger haha.