Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sole-Satisfying Capitalism.

I am able to justify my incessant cash-doling practices for the acquisition of accessories for three precise reasons.

One, because I don't dole out all that much cash.

Exhibit A: 4 shoe purchases in the last month, for a total of $26 (okay, okay, not including HST...).

The second reason being, most of these purchases (not in this particular post, heh) are from second-hand shops (obviously!!! You are only excused from not knowing this piece of knowledge if this is your first time on UUU, or you don't know me in real life. Or both.) Sustainable consumerism - a lesser evil.

Third, just look at them:

who what wear?
  • yellow sandals, $5, H&M
  • black & white polka-dotted oxford, $5, Claire's (seriously)
  • suede tan lace-up heeled booties, $6, Value Village
  • tan wedges with a supremely radical tie-dye print on the heels, $10 (splurge!), Ross

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