Thursday, July 5, 2012

Recipe for The Perfect Day, The Urooba Way:

1. Start with a small amount of 'Vintage Clothing Sale.' Not too hard to find; check out your local hipster neighbourhood.

2. Add a heaping amount of an awareness-raising rally in the flavour of ending victim blaming de facto rape culture. 

3. Sprinkle in per chance stumble-upons of Carnival de Sol & the Decentralized Dance Party that remind you why Vancouver is flippin' awesome despite the rain.

4. Mix in a BBQ - food & friends will add that zesty je ne sais quoi.

5. Finish off with a warm drizzle of a magazine launch party that serves to showcase the creative juices & activism of those traditionally marginalized by various communities, the media & society at large. 

Chill & enjoy!

& enjoy you will.
My day reminded me so much of this Tanya Davis poetry video I watched a coupla years ago (particularly when I skipped home under the moonlight). I wasn't alone all day; just when I went from place to place. 

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Anonymous said...

Salam, Urooba! Long time no hear from you.
I admire your good humour.

Visit my blog too,
Allah Maaki.