Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We all have those days. Yenno, the ones where inspiration is as non-existent as my sister's hygiene habits.
Where MOST people would resort to wearing sweats.
But me? NEVER. Not in public, yech.
Although...I did have this one experience where I was wearing sweatpants for about the first time. My legs felt as if they were coated with soft bunnies and cotton candy and 2-ply toilet paper and velvet and it's like there were angels synchronized swimming on them and...nuuuu. NOT IN PUBLIC, I will ever wear, I swear.

Instead, this is my usual LAZY DAY OUTFIT.
It consists of:
  • a loose-fitting shirt that I can just throw on [5 bucks, Urban Behaviour]
  • my PERFECTLY worn in jeans
  • bright sneaks so it's not TOO boring
  • and some jewelery--the nearest pieces lying around so I can snatch 'em when I leave the door at 8:26 [to get to school at 8:29:56 [[class starts at 8:30]] --it's a rushed life, but it's my life *dramatic sigh*]

 Why wear one watch when you can wear four? You'll be ahead of your time. HEH.



Erika said...

This is definitely way cuter than sweats! & I love how you're wearing 4 watches! Looks like a new trend, haha ;)

Loving your blog, missy ♥

Anonymous said...

I love this :)
And yes, I too will NEVER resort to wearing sweats in public. Come to think of it, I don't even own a pair... Anywhoos, keep posting, you're hilarious :)

♥Mimi said...

I swear I have the same plaid shirt. I bought mine at Garage hahaha. Let's do an outfit post wearing the same things! ONE DAY! WE HAVE TO!


Also, it's good that you're an Antibully too. Cuz ya know, it's bad to support bullying... BULLYING SUCKS KAY.

And our school starts at 8:28. D: even worse than 8:30. That two minutes of precious... time...

Anonymous said...

this better change my life. i bet it doesn't. i hope it does. i loaf you xD

Elaine said...

This is your lazy day outfit??? Man, you still look good on your off days!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog said...

this outfit is so cute! the heart necklace is the icing on the cake!

Margaret said...

loving all those watches :D

Dusk said...

I love your style!!! And your attitude.
...also I too wouldn't resort to sweats or as they're referred to here, trackies... time and place for everything.

Love the stacked watches and the heart popping pink!

ratu intan said...

hai...I finally found the cool blog one... Where do ya exactly from?
I also wearing a hijab and totally love ur outfit...

Anonymous said...

fun mix of colors!
love your blog, keep it up
thanks for sharing, darling!


Anonymous said...

i think only twice in my life have i seriously considered wearing sweats outside the house...i was THAT exhausted. but i just can't do it!! it's kind of gross if you think about it! haha
like you, i'd rather stick with a tshirt and worn in jeans!!

RACHEL said...

ugh. you should see MY lazy day outfits. or my going over to a friends house outfits. LOL. they are big shirts and sweatpants. ahaha.


oh, and i took calculus last semester (my school runs on two semester-system). exam was HARD !


Devon said...

Lovely! Very nice blog x