Saturday, April 10, 2010


    It was August. The weather, although not the kind to make you sweat profusely no matter how many applications of Secret antiperspirant you've applied [seriously YOU WOULD THINK after molesting my underarm pits with several layers of the stuff commercialized, corporate America or whatever persuaded us to believe we needed, it would have the common decency TO WORK. Ahem. My bad experience with odour and perspiration control products is a rather large and complicated story, best saved for a rainy day]. Right, so the weather was kinda hot.
    Because my friends were in cool parts of the world and otherwise busy, I'd sort of been rotting away at home. My mother became concerned, justifiably so, what with my lack of social interaction and human contact in over a week, and decided the best solution, apparently, was to allow me to take my siblings for a leisurely stroll through the neighbourhood. Complete with a pit stop at the poor excuse of a "shopping center" that is, oh joy, within reasonable walking distance.
    So we set out, my three snotty-faced siblings and I, braving the 'scorching' Greater Vancouver summer sun. It must have been relatively uneventful, because I don't remember much, till we got to Chapters. But still, even then, we just happened to encounter a family of three--a mother, with, presumably, her daughter and son. Nothing out of the ordinary, right?
    After a day trekking through town with my prepubescent siblings in tow, we began the trek back home. It was a long-ish walk. 1/3 of the way in, we happened to spot the aforementioned family just a few feet in front of us. Okay, no big, they lived in the same area we did. We continued walking, made some twists and turns, and lost sight of the family. Or so we thought. They happened to be in front of us again. Yeah, okay, whatever. There are many houses near ours; they must live in one of them.  We happened to be almost directly behind the family by this point. My little brother happened to notice the peculiarity of the situation. Like the foolish fool he is, he said, "*insert dorky laughter* It's like we're stalking them!"
    Looking back, I believe my brother's statement was the catalyst to set off what happened next. The lady held her children (a pair of tweens) close to herself, and whispered loudly to them, shooting us a look of sheer hatred, as displayed by the giant scowl present on her face.
       "Careful! They're following us! Keep back!" she hissed.
   They stopped walking, clearly wanting us to pass in front of them.  Once a good distance away, my siblings and I sputtered and spat with laughter.  How's that for some social interactment?


 Oh look, an amateur photo shoot. Granted, it was quite enjoyable.

  • dress: True Value Vintage, $5 (YES, a part of my amazing vintage shopping experience.)
  • purple stirrup tights: from my prepubescent days!
  • grandma bag: it actaully was my grandma's! WHOWOULDATHUNKKIT.
  • blue heels: thrifted, $2.50

 {word of the moment}: 


[fan-taz-muh-gawr-ee-uh, -gohr-] –noun

a shifting series of phantasms, illusions, or deceptive appearances, as in a dream or as created by the imagination. 


Mimi said...

I love your photoshoot haha! And your colourful outfits! You never fail to deliver (:

Thanks for visiting <3

Margaret said...

you always dress so brightly :D people must feel so cheery around you
love your shoes!!

Dubai's it girl said...

I love your colorful spirit as well as your colorful dress!

Tc, Nia B

Samantha said...

great outfit.

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Bahaha. My mom makes me and my sister go on walks and random stuff like that because apparently we're fat at heart and need a ton of exersize or something (she's a nutritionist AGH). It so frusturating, just walking around the neighbourhood and looking at the same stuff you see every day! Oh mothers...

Anyways, I love how SHBAM your outfit is! Its colours are vaguely reminiscent of Barney AND THATS NOT A BAD THING. Just the purple and turquoises invokes a little image of everyone's favourite dinosaur! Love it!

P.S. Thanks for stopping by - I loved reading about your high school experience!! Haha. What are your plans for next year?

AttemptingStyle said...

hahaha, what a funny story.

t said...

Cute colour combination!

Anonymous said...

i'm crazy over the colours!!!

kirstyb said...

so colourful xxxx

RACHEL said...

HAHA. it does look like a fun photoshoot !

the dress is TO DIE FOR ! lucky you found it for soooo cheap.
RACH. said...

Pretty colors. Nice blog.