Saturday, December 25, 2010

"My name is Christmas. Will you merry me?"

"Dear 2011, my wish for this year is a big fat bank account and a slim body. Please don't mix these two up like you did last year."
A tweet on Twitter I chuckled/guffawed at, recently. Lord knows I can relate to it!
I am inscribing it here, because for some unknown reason that is having me shaking my head and muttering expletives under my breath, I am unable to form thoughts of my own right now. I blame all the Big Bang Theory I've been watching; the wit! Oh, the wit! Subconsciously making me feel inferior, it is.

Also watched Guzarish and now I'm longing for Aishwariya Rai's wardrobe in the film. Long flowy lengths, fitted bodices, poufy sleeves; so dramatic and delightful! I just want to don dark lipstick and roll my r's. Rrrrrrrrrright.
Cat eye glasses; exquisite! Heck, I love it when I see anyone wear glasses on-screen, as an eye-glasses-wearer myself.

That Victorian skirt is giving me goosebumps! It even looks like she's adorned her head with a quasi-hijab, eh?

*smooth transition to outfit part of post*

This outfit, worn about a week ago shares a few elements with Ash's costumes above. Namely, that luscious maroon colour.

 who what wear?
  • metallic vintage blazer, $6, thrifted
  • gold metallic, zebra-print scarf, $5, H&M
  • red vintage dress, $1, Jet Rag vintage sale
  • black + white tie-dye jeans, $10, Urban Planet
  • black sequined shirt, $5, Urban Planet
  • gold metallic sneaks, $1, F as in Frank vintage
Photo credits: up-and-coming photographer Elijah Yutuc. For serious, keep his name at the back of your mind!
>>Impromptu photo shoots are da bomb diggity. 
 aaand . . . Joyeux Noël to those who celebrate!


hijabi hippie hypo said...

LOVE the outfit! && I want to watch Guzaarish, was it any good (other than Ash's clothes lol)?

Anonymous said...

your two quotes at the beginning of your post made me laugh. thank you for that haha
and your red dress is from jet rag? I love their pile sale!


StephanieTJLee said...

Girl you are TOTALLY working this outfit. I love the jacket and how you paired it with the scarf. WURK WURK!! Hahah, happy holidays Urooba :).

Lorendai said...

you look so cool. love so much the shoes and the cardigan ><

Shahirah Elaiza said...

I love that photo of Aish with the red rose. Very Spanish senorita ish!

Some people look good in candid shots while others don't. I'm in the latter category and you are in the former!

Anonymous said...

oh you are so cute and funny!! I love her outfits too!!! You rock in your vintage attire!!

Sahira said...

Your outfits are very, very budget friendly! Lovely scarf :) H&M is the best for those.

Anonymous said...

A girlie blog... plz update the intro on ur fb page to "i dare you to click if u are a gal"

suria jay said...

i like ur blog! it's colourful! :D

soso said...

MIX up them colors:)

dotca said...

Does Elijah Yutuc have a link where one can view his photos?

joana said...

I love it when I see anyone wear glasses on-screen, as an eye-glasses-wearer myself