Saturday, December 4, 2010

Vlog Numero Uno--but aha! It's a teaser, y'all.

It's true.
*We* here at Under Urooba's Umbrella, are taking a slight detour from static images as the only form of phantasmagoria--and are venturing into the world of cinematography. Well, hardly. It's a v-log, video-log, vlog?
But, a'las. A catch!--this is a teaser. (And you only thought they did that for movie trailers, huh?)

Also, folks, keep in mind that this speculation will be the most perversely eloquent and intellegible thing you are most likely to ever witness. See for yourself:

Vlog numero uno --teaser! Nyah, nyah! from Urooba Jamal on Vimeo.

It's exactly as the title describes, bimbo.


Aisha said...

omg you would be an AWESOMEEEEE vlogger!!! can't wait!

Julianne said...

Ok. I've been teased. Now where's the real deal??
Keep it up Urooba :)

Em said...

lol! haha cant wait to see the real vlog >:|

hullo its me again! how's your mum? said...

:O you can write AND speak!? flippin why are you still single? lol XD

beeteedubs stalkered on to your other vid and mashAllah you're great at public speaking! I'm such a klutz with words when it comes to actually saying them XD

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

OH hey anonymous! LOL, BEST BLOG COMMENT FOR SURE! Why am I still single? No idea. ;)

My mom's doing well alhamdulillah! just two more months insha'allah! SO exciting! :D