Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Brevity is Bravery?

I never blog about my shortcomings or my lack of talent in any particular field/activity/circumstance.
Not that I'm suggesting any notions of phoniness. Nor am I hinting at the fact that I only blog about things I feel I can relate myself with positively. However, a trend that has come to my attention is my inability to articulate my thoughts and feelings effectively, with that certain 'je ne sais qoui'--the very same kind that Tyra Banks practically salivated for, in her quest to unearth this distinctive quality from her models. (My dissertation on 'America's Next Top Model' is somewhat thorough for a good reason: most of my prepubescent and pubescent years were spent glued to the television screen, watching said show. Absorption of modeling tactics and cat fights were paralleled with Science 8 geology worksheets and paragraphs on "How I Spent my Summer Vacation").

Wait, what was I getting at?
Argh, you see?

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*Farah Pop* said...

...i loved that..dont know why but yeah :) x x