Thursday, June 2, 2011

[2nd Bi-Annual Hijabi Fashion Week]: Day 5-Jummah!

Day 5 of Hijabi Fashion Week is dedicated to outfits we'd wear to/on Jummah!
For those not aware, Jummah means Friday. Today's theme, then, entails our best Rebecca Black outfit-impersonation.

I kid! I kid! The apocalypse would've surely occurred if I'd have proceeded to don tween-like, mall-chain-store-purchased, mass-produced clothes that I avoided all throughout highschool.

Friday is reserved for special prayers, where mosque-goers pray in congregation. Analogies that are often made to highlight the significance of Friday for Muslims, usually are made through indication of  the relative importance of Sunday church [for Christians]. As Jummah prayers prayed in congregation are not obligatory for women, I attend the mosque on Fridays from time to time. What do I wear? Usually this:
who what wear? 
  • afghani-style shalwar(trouser)-kameez(shirt): gifted by my grandma
  • blue-green-red kitten heels: $4, thrifted 
[outfit commentary]: This is the perfect outfit to slip on, as for some unexplainable reason, there is urgency in the process of getting ready for the masjid [in my family]. The flowing body of the top reminds me of an abaya*--an Urooba-esque abaya ;). Also, it may be of little surprise, but I am usually dressed the brightest!
Link You Must Click 
  • to see how girls around the world dress for Jummah click HERE! 
 Jummah Mubarak (although in my region of the world, Jummah is tomorrow!) Toodles! <3

And we all love halal 'Friday' parodies, don't we?


Lavendergirl said...

cuuute. nice colors on ur shalwar kameez :)
and I just love that shoes you are wearing. colorful!

sigmazetaz said...


Shahirah Elaiza said...

So 'Colours of My Life' yaar! <3

Btw I totally LOL-ed at this : as for some unexplainable reason, there is urgency in the process of getting ready for the masjid [in my family]

My family's always in a rush no matter where we go... hehe

BoogieMonsterMan said...

UROOBAAA! I fluv this outfit! <3 MashAllah you look great! I WANT ITTTTT T________T