Wednesday, June 1, 2011

[2nd Bi-Annual Hijabi Fashion Week]: Day 4-Date Night!

"I need to break my fast--can I have a date?" and other such 'islamic' pick-up lines that didn't originate from my brain, are being added to my r'epertoire for full utilization in the future iA.

You smart cookie! Why yes, today's theme is Date Night.
It's funny, y'know. Conceiving potential sartorial combinations for an event one has never experienced--kind of like buying college dorm room supplies while you're in grade 5. Or calling a florist to arrange flowers for your bar mitzvah when you're in your mother's womb. Or blaming your induced-by-PMS volatile moods on menopause at age 24. I'm assuming you get the idea by now.

Still, therein lies great satisfaction from hypothesizing about this phenomena. An innate predisposition if you will. Alright, I'll stop musing about the nature of the human condition now.
This is a 100% accurate depiction of how I'd embrace FSO (Future Significant Other). (Shhh, don't laugh! You'll hurt my 14 year old kid sister's feelings--the pose was her innovative idea).
who what wear? 
  • vintage dress, $2, F as in Frank fill-a-bag-sale 
  • gold metallic tights, $10, H&M
  • pleather vest, $3, thrifted 
  • gold metallic shirt, $5, Value Village 
  • gold metallic zebra print scarf, $5, H&M 
  • stilleto-esque heels, $10
  • ring, $1, Charlotte Russe
  • bracelet & necklace, gifted
  • beaded purse, vintage a la momma's from the 80's

You know what really maximizes my--errr--affinity for future romance shomance? Bollywood music! Surprising, I know. Here is one of 1832748374 possible songs I could've shared with you blogosphere (90's Bollywood is my weakness):

For my muslim brethren (or not! :)), I recently stumbled upon some great wisdom:
 "'Soulmates are Allah's secret.'" Thus, we should rather work on our relationships with ourselves and Him." ~@DeenOverDunia (a cool gal I follow on Twitter!)

Links You Must Click:
  • to see how girls from around the globe dress for date night click HERE!
  • to see how I styled my date night outfit for November 2010's HFW, click HERE!
Holla! See y'all tomorrow! Thank you for the continuous flow of sweeeeet sweeeet comments! Y'all really possess the ability to make me blush! And welcome aboard, new followers! <3


Anonymous said...

I loved reading this!! Your voice is so strong and.. Palpable, for lack of a better word!

Anonymous said...

I love your style!!

I like your polka dot skirt. :)

SizZLing SuZai said...

salam..i love ur heels so much! ^^ haha btw u should know that im CRAZY ABOUT BOLLYWOOD!!

Maiyach™ said...

Love your gold legging and your high heels! :)

sixteenR.COM said...

Love 90's Bollywood...

Love HFW said...

So cute! Love the poofiness. You. Are. Awesome!

Em said...

maximalist! totally loving all the sparkle and shine <3!

YazmiinAktar said...

your shoes are awesome!

Click here for my date night look>> [] xx