Saturday, June 4, 2011

[2nd Bi-Annual Hijabi Fashion Week] Day 7-Party Hostess Outfit!

Boom diggity! Sadly, another Hijabi Fashion Week has terminated. But as my seventh grade teacher would say,
"Don't cry 'cause it's over; smile 'cause it happened."

And what better way to end, then to host a party-sharty? Party at Under Urooba's Umbrella! Woohooo! Hollllla! Yeeeeeeeeeeeee! *insert verbal diarrhea of Ke$ha and/or Lady Gaga and/or Rihanna*

This outfit was worn to a friend's bridal shower, for which I and three comrades of mine served as hostesses.
"Scandalous" games, thong and g-string decorations...the bridal shower was more reminiscent of a bachelorette party. Theme? How 'bout y'all guess in the comments below? ;)

Will always have you jumping ballistic-ly: 

who what wear?
  • poufy 80's-esque dress, $2, F as in Frank

  • 80's Hawaiian-print leggings, $5, True Value Vintage

  • neon orange vest,  $3, Value Village
  • flippin' radical necklace, $10, Aldo

  • red, blue, green heels, $4, thrifted
2. 4. 5.
[outfit commentary]: Alright, alright, the theme was 80's Hawaiian. Y'see why those leggings are so perfect it hurts?! Bursts of colour here and there. A little dash of tacky. A sprinkling of tight and bright.And I was ready to rumba.

Link You Must Click:
  • to see how girls from around the globe dress whilst playing party hostesses click HERE!
And that is that. Ouf, tears of sadness are rolling down my chin! Thank you all for such excellent feedback if my posts. Now, how 'bout some feedback 'bout HFW itself? Drop a line!  Toodles! <3


Denise Bomfim said...

Assalam Alaykum, colours of a rainbow...called: LIFE.
That´s it!
Insh´Allah my life be as colouful as a rainbow too.

P.S.: I left a pic for you in the Sisterswhoblog.ok!?

Naziehah said...

I love love love this! That legging just so awesome it cracks me up :D I love it that you are not afraid to have fun and be silly with fashion. One of the best look for Day 7 for sure ;)

Latifah La'mees said...

Salaams, your so colourful & confident! Masha'allah <3 ittt
Check my blogg
New blogger, getting used to it :P
much love
L ^^, x

Paper Hearts said...

oh gawd, you are just freaking.awesome. love the way you dress. i could never pull that off. thanks for bring a smile to my face! <3

Isabel said...

Gahhhh, the leggings are UNREAL!! So jealous of your summer stylinz.