Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hear firecrackers out your window? Confetti being thrown in the streets? People smiling?
Wanna know the cause of all this positive ruckus? GUESS.


If you answered: "..because Urooba, the amazing and multi-skilled 17 year old from British Columbia, Canada has started her own fashion blog!?"....then you'd be DEAD ON.

Yes, blogosphere, I'm here. (Heh, that rhymes).

You should note:
  • Corniness and lameness will erupt full throttle here. IF YA LIKE CORNY, IF YA LIKE LAME, THEN YOU'LL LIKE WHAT'S UNDER MY UMBRELLA ;).
  •  I don't have a great camera and I'm not completely photogenic, so bear with me.
  • I will try to update as FREQUENTLY AS POSSIBLE, but alas, as a high school senior, "busy" is an understatement.
  •  I'm cheap. OH, SO CHEAP. The delicious cheap where you don't spend over like, $10, probably.
  • Follow me, and comment. =) C'mooooon, you know you want to. [This is me refraining from sounding desperate].

OKAY, PHEW. Now I leave you with some fashion porn. WOOHOO, ENJOY:
His shoes=amazing. Which makes him my idol.

I'm attracted to this picture.

Sequin pants! 'Nuff said.

Demi's leather blazer! The perfect way to wear leather, I think.

OKAY, WELL Y'ALL COME BACK NOW Y'HEAR. I'll have an outfit post next time. :)

*I don't own any pictures; hopefully I'm not being a copyright villain!


N. Arain said...

I shall support you in your endeavors! ... no matter how much it may make me want to puke. ;DDD

Hahaha, but seriously, good luck! ;)

Isabel said...

Oooh, sequin pants! Yeah, I could use a pair of those too.

Girl in the loft said...

wow he is styling. i love his red sandals.

Women Leather Blazer said...

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