Saturday, November 21, 2009


Okay, so obviously I was deliriously happy to see my first few comments on my blog! Yay, for mediocre things serving to increase self-esteem. :)
 And now you lucky fellas out there get to see ANOTHER OUTFIT POST. Shocking and unpredictable, huh? Caught you off guard there, huh? Daaang, I'm so spontaneous.

Well, before I get to that, let me sum up my week: HELL. Really, unfortunately. Calculus is a bitch! And ugh everything is just so so so so times postive infinity (ha!, math) STRESSFUL.

I think that's enough of boring you with my life, or lack thereof, so let's get down to the nitt-ay gritt-ay:

This outfit was worn a while back, as you can see there were BLUE SKIES, THE BRILLIANT SUN [typing that in caps makes it seem less of an illusion], a stark comparison to the dark November skies as early as 4:30, intense winds and pounding rain....Well, at least at my end. HOWZZIT AT YOUR END?


  •  lime green dress - Joe Fresh, $3
  • black skinnies - Idk.
  • hot pink cardigan/sweater - my mom's from when SHE was in high school...that qualifies as vintage, right? haha.
  • necklace- DIY, made with a shoelace and various knickknacks from other necklaces
  • bag (worn to death!) - Urban Planet, $5
  • HOT PINK AND NEON LIMEGREEN  fake 'Converse' - Ardenes, $5.  Yes, they are two different pairs. Yes, I bought both pairs. No, I did not attack plain white shoes with highlighters. :)
Okay, bloglings. Asta la vista.


Alymira said...

You can't "times by positive infinity" 'cause it's a CONCEPT not an actual NUMBER. :P Haven't you been paying attention in class? Oh, wait, that's right. You've been distracted by the outrageously gorgeous Naveen. xD My bad, I forgot. :D

Faridah said...

Great colours!

gemma said...

itll change my life?

in that case here you are! :)

your posts are funny! sometimes people are too serious! you go girly!

Marcia B. said...

omg love the mismatched sneaks...i aspire to do this one day lol

Anonymous said...

I THINK I"M IN LOVE WITH YOU~! :D (you know who)

Anonymous said...

You need to have a close-up of the necklace! I love DIY too, maybe it'll inspire me to create one of my own :D
And the mismatched sneakers are epic... plus, that dress cost only $3? :O Damn, I knew clothes from Joe were cheap, but THREE DOLLARS? Superstore, here I come!

Tink in My Closet said...

Your use of bright colours is so refreshing:)

Nubiasnonsense said...

Nice cardi, Great color

Kashif Pasta said...

wait, so that pretty much cost under $10?


somedaynewyorker said...

I love what you did with the converse.

Tarah said...


Love the poses, still remember those photography classes eh...just like they were yesterday

so random i know..and how do i know that u took photography...u told me BOOBS!

lol ..anyways great outfit, you look super adorable

attacked by highlighters LMAO!

Isabel said...

Oh man, you are seriosuly wearing two different pairs of shoes! This is awesome.