Sunday, November 15, 2009


Are ya ready? I'm about to lose my outfit post virginity. :O

This outfit was for a birthday dinner for two of my friends. Since turning 17 is directly proportional to being suave and sophisticated, this sort of embodies that, no? I mean, sparkles and sequins, COME ON. :)

  • metallic scarf: Ross, $8
  • black shirt: ?, quite old
  •  billowing sequined stars ruffle "dress": Zellers, $5
  • black skinnies: Urban Planet
  • clunky, chunky heels: thrifted
  • sequined/beaded black purse: vintage
                                HOW DO Y'ALL  'CASUAL GLAM' IT UP?


N. Arain said...

Wow, that'a ACTUALLY a nice outfit! ^^
Good choice for your first post! :D I think my favourite part of your whole outfit is the white star "dress". :DDDD

Anonymous said...

That's hot.

Urooba said...

Thanks Naveeeeeeeeeeensters. :DDDDD
Your support is of epic proportions!
And Ruzzel, thanks, really, lol.

Johnny Wilco said...

Dayumn Girl, you gots it goin' on! ;)

Jowarski Sekhinov said...

I love your blog! Maegan said...

awe you're adorable! soon as I read the above sentence "it'll change your life" ...the tv actually said the same exact thing strange!

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Great outfit and so cool to see hwo you combine the scarf with the other garments!

Girl in the loft said...

urooba i love love love the stars! so whimsical and fun!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Look at the sheen of your outfit. I love it, its very BAM! Hope you had lots of fun! And congrats on your new blog - woohhooo!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Tarah said...


you look gorgeous! I love the stars man, obviously a star will shine like one too (wink)

The scarf totally brings it out

Good job boobs :D keep it up

Alymira said...

I'm following you! ;d
('Tis Naveen BTW! :DDDD)

Orchid Grey said...

girl, you're freaking sassy! awesome glittery head scarf, love it. thanks for your sweet comment on Orchid Grey!