Friday, November 27, 2009


Ack, that's it. That's all the nerdy talk for this post. (ButanywaysIdidn'tdoanyhomeworktodayatallandIdidn'thaveto
To celebrate: I had a six-way convo with the BFF'S, (who I shall refer to as The Clan because that is also what we call ourselves), TOOK A NAP DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS, ate fattening foods (wait, that's a daily constant), read teenvogue, and YOUR blogs. ;) By YOUR, I mean, if YOU have a blog, whilst you are currently reading this blog, I read it.  Uhm, what?

ANYWHOOOOOOO. Today at school, Shane Koyczan came to perform. HE'S A SLAM POET. HE'S BRILLIANT. Youtube him, he's great! I COULDN'T SEE HIM, 'CAUSE I COULDN'T SKIP BIOLOGY, boooo. Curse you biology teach! (Let us hope he does not read my blog. *shifty*)

ALSOOOOO, the American Apparel Rummage Sale is coming to Vancouver! OMG,OMG,OMG,  I NEED to go as much as my sister feels the need to not shower! (A LOT).
FINALLLLY, CEHAP American Apparel. I die.
Still, anyone know of an effective way to scrape up some money in about a week? DO TELL.

Hmm, beacuse I feel like it, I shall reveal the songs that are on repeat on my source of a completely legal method of downloading music ;) :

  1. Ce Jeu - Yelle  <-----she has such a cool sense of style; check out her vids! Plus, this song is sooo addictive.
  2. Haven't Met You Yet - Michael Buble <--------- SUCH A PERFECT SONG, NO JOKES.
  3. Dancing With Myself - Glee <------- I need to get a daily fix of this tune,  SO HAPPY-HORMONES-INDUCING.
Ahhh. You've waited long enough. Here's an outfit post brethereen. Wore it a couple weeks ago.

  • metallic scarf - Ross, $8
  • blazer - Dad's! ---> Love borrowing stuff from the 'ole parental units.
  • red skinnes- Wet Seal, $15 (splurge! :O )
  • belt- men's section from Warehouse One - $2.50 --->(I was ready to spend 5 bucks on it...gasp, I know, but it was 50% off of the already reduced item, so WOO).
  • black patent sneaks- Ardenes, $2
  • studded, patent bag - Mariposa, $10 (splurge! :O )


Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

I'm so jealous you didn't have homework! I've been swamped as exams are just around the corner! Anyways, your outfit is very cute and i'm totally a huge bargain girl, like yourself!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Alymira said...

Hahahaha, I like how you said, "Splurge! :O" xDDDD You're always saying that at school too! ^^ (I also like how The Clan fits into your post so superfantabulously! :P) Ahem.

ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNYWAYS, I must say that your outfit looks awesome-er in pictures than it did IRL. xDDD I jokes, I jokes! ;D Hehehehe, I look forward to seein' more! ^^

madiha said...

find a job for the winter vacay, everyone hires temps at this time. annnnd you could work at a clothing store and go crrraazzaayy with the discounts, totally worth it.

Faridah said...

Cute bag!!

TheFashionAve said...

I like the bag, i love everything that is studded ♥

Faboulista said...

i love your bag and the red jeans. super cool combo.
and to answer your question why i left fashion for business... i realized that I was not as good at designing clothes for other people and I always usued to create clothes that I would wear. But that's not what makes a great desginer. U have to have the ability to create clothes that others will want as well. Plus I sucked at sewing.