Sunday, May 2, 2010

Eeenie Meenie Miney Moe. Should I study for AP exams or no?

A lazy saturday/sunday weekend that will transcend into Week Two of The Two Consecutive Busy Weeks of My Life.
It's not supposed to be lazy.
I'm supposed to be productive and what not.
But alas, this is a story told too often. Perhaps it is getting a bit redundant, is it not?
So before I delve deep into my soul and unearth any funky secrets that otherwise need not be unearthed, I'll stop.

^Well, my oh my, don't I sound spectacularly wise? Well, I'll be 18 (!) soon, in a few months (October), and sophisticated jargon will soon be second nature, will it not?
I'M NOT MAKING ANY SENSE. Ha, I'm not even trying to make sense.

THIS IS WHAT I WORE DURING THE SPEECH MEET [more on it later (maybe)]:
  • cobalt blue shirt with conversation-starter shoulder pads!--True Value Vintage, $5
  • that superb dress--vintage via Talize, $7
  • blue pumps--thrifted, $2.50
Paparazzi shot, yeow!

ALSO, if you need to evoke a little laughter into yo' life, I highly reccomend checking out this blog:
or even this blog:
 I know both bloggers personally--totes hilar!


Adrienne said...

you look fantastic! I love the glittery scarf and the huge shoulders. And I wish vintage where I live was that cheap!

Oh man, I went to the library today and went through the entire Princeton Review. Just horrible. Plus, there was a woman next to me who would just not stop eating.

♥Mimi said...

I love the dress (: crazy patterns.

Thanks for visiting babe! <3

Anonymous said...

Oh urooba!!
You're just too awesome in your own way:D
Gonna miss you lots next year


Claire said...

Urooba, I understand your style... :)

Marlena said...

OMG those shoulder pads! *__* LOVE! <3 <3

Raez said...

haha! cobalt is the best! you look great:) love your cute title too:)

xx raez

Dhu said...

That top makes my day, or even my week. I love the shoulder pads!

Also, October birthdays a clearly the best.

Elissa said...

Love it! Ballsy!!! Love the top, especially. I took AP English, History and Art History back in the day. I got a D in the Art History class because I argued to much with the teacher on issues of symbolism, but got a 4 (or whatever the high score is) on the AP exam. SO nyah nyah, teach!

Faboulista said...

omg your vintage pieces are to die for. really to die for. true value vintage usually has higher priced pieces. how can u find such good deals? do u live in vancity? we should meet up once and go vintage shopping togethr. could defintly learn from u. haha

Erika said...

I just noticed the jacket you were talking about is the one you're wearing in your header! Love it! I got my Charlotte Russe one in the mail, but sadly, it was too big on me! >.<

Anyway, love love your sequined scarf(ves). ♥

Oh, good luck with the exams!! :)

micol zanzuri said...


naki said...

gorgeous blouse!

sobia said...

I love LOVE your shoes!!