Sunday, May 30, 2010

NEUTRAL, and then some.

I have zero inspiration at the moment.
I did absolutely nothing today.
I can't fathom how the time changed from 1 5 6 9 now, when the day is OVER.
I am confused as to why it is raining outside, albeit it is lighty, misty rain, but still...because it is FREAKIN' MAY.
I am also confused as to why this post, thus far, seems so damn cynical. Because, I'm in a perfectly neutral mood.
I am craving BBQ food at the moment. Ergo, orgasm in mouth.

There are loud, obnoxious people outside my bedroom window.
Also, a loud, obnoxious one indoors. Sleeping. Snoring. My dumb sis.

And, I leave you with a song from a movie that TURNED MY HEART ALL MUSHY-GUSHY. 'Letters to Juliet' "is such a cute movie!" [Somebody, please take me to Verona, Italy!]
Speaking of European destinations, let's shift our attention to South America:
According to,
"The Favela Painting project started in the slums of Rio de Janeiro after documentary filmmakers Haas&Hahn
completed an assignment filming a hip-hop film and decided to brighten up the rundown shanty town in the process. The result is a stunning rainbow patterned retouch of the neighbourhood, which has since expanded in scope to employ locals to paint the buildings."
 SO PRETTY, this should be done everywhere.

Oh, and right, here's the song:

Thanks everyone for the cool comments on my last post--you had me blushing mad!
++ outfit post soon, fellers!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is just too cute! It allways makes me smile :)) And I love that song too! Colbie Caillat's voice is so comfortable listeing to. And I think I have to see that movie ^^

Anna said...

How cool this Favela Painting project is?
Love it, as well as this sweet song.

Anonymous said...

thats sooo neat how tehy painted the houses