Saturday, May 22, 2010

Under Urooba's Umbrella: The "Prom" Post

*warning, image-heavy post.
Howdy, blogosphere!
Yes, folks, these are my "prom" pictures! The ones I'm supposed to cringe at when I'm, like, 50 [due to the fact I may have been sporting a horrendous-looking dress]. Well, I may not need to 'cause we don't live in the eighties! OH WAIT, MY DRESS ACTUALLY WAS FROM THE 80's.
(Here's a boring explanation as to why prom is in quotations: we don't call it prom here...we call it grad dinner/dance. But prom is shorter to type. I'm lazy. Go figure).

So, let's start with my outfit. After all, this is MY blog. Wouldn't want the limelight to be shining on anyone else, GASP. Blasphemous.

 Oh, look at me being all model-ly. [I'm posing in an alluring manner in Vancouver's Stanley Park].
  • dress: vintage Alfred Angelo via Value Village, $30 (my gr'amma added the sequins, though!)
  • sparkly heels (as seen on my last post): Value Village, $6
  • sequined hijab (really just fabric bought from the local fabric store): $8 
  • necklace: DIY
SO YES, MY PROM OUTFIT COST ME AROUND 44 DOLLARS. I'd say that's quite commendable. :D
[My mama almost made me buy a NORMAL prom dress from a NORMAL prom dress store, but I didn't let her.]
^The necklace I made. A little corny, cheeky fun never hurt a soul. [Look at me, using safety pins and whatnot. What a pro].
Yes, I know. Too gangsta fo sho.

And now, drum roll please...LET THE RANDOM PICTURES FROM "PROM" FLOW!
 Internet, meet my dumb sis. People think we're twins. Bah.

Group shot #1!

Blogosphere, also meet my BFF's in the daylight...

...and at night!

^In the party bus we rented--ONE OF THE BEST PARTS OF THE WHOLE NIGHT, absolutely.

The dance floor. LOL, I'm probably embarrassing some individuals right about now.

^Group photo numero deux!

Okay, phew. Bye, fellers!


Shahirah Elaiza said...

I like how you said that you're a maximalist =P LOL you're so funny and out there, it's awesome.

Looks like you guys had a great time!

shea said...

evrybody's super gorge n looks like u guys r having soo much fun!
n that necklace--creative!

zahra said...

well colour me blind and add sparkles. your hijab is like whoa! and your bling is serious. you absolutely rock!

Fatimah said...

Ahh, your dress is so pretty! I love the sequin-ness! (:

Anna said...

You look stunning in this dress! God I love the way you stylized it.
It's obvious that you had a wonderful time, I'm sure you're gone remember this day for ever!

*Katia* said...

cool!!! nice dress!!!
i wish we had something like a prom here in italy

Kasia_B said...

Oh wow, you do look so 80's! Looks like you had so much fun!
Thank you so much for your amazing comment! It made my day!!!


Panda said...

Awesome post, i love love love your blog :-)
Panda xx
Oh and thanks for the lovely comment!

Ashi said...

urooba, ur a soul who defo knows how to rock confidence and have fun..looks like u had an amazing time =D

Raez said...

ooh lala, i love how everyone is in a shade of purple/indigo! you all looked fabulous (but you especially!)

glad you had loads of fun!
xx raez

Faboulista said...

u never cease to amaze me. wearing vintage to prom is the best thing u could have done. your dress is so much more special than everybody elses. i so wish i would have gone that route when i had my prom. congrats on graduating. well not yet actualy. what u planning on doing after highschool?

Dusk said...

You certainly stand out!!! Fabulous! I love your attitude and sense of everything!! Style, humour, joie de vivre.

You all look like you had a fabulous time!

Miranda the Awesome said...

your dress isn't as crazy as i thought it might be urooba!
It suited you :P

Isabel said...

Okay, that sequin headscarf is the best thing ever!!!

Adrienne said...

You look fantastic!!! I love how everyone is wearing the same colour palette, too! I love the necklace you made - sure, it's a little corny, but also very sweet and flashy and awesome!

RACHEL said...

well, this certainly looks fun. but i'm still cringing at my prom night. i dont know WHHHY, i just feel like i'll hate it. what a loser i am : (

anyways, your dress is SO COOL. its like SO OUT THERE. and wowww. amazing.


Rachel said...

At one point during my prom dress search i was going to just go to goodwill end buy some random 80s prom dress. I love how you actually DID wear some 80s prom dress!
Thank you so much for your nice comment! Such a coinkydink that our proms were around the same time. Most were like a month ago! Visit again!

Raez said...

awwww! thank you for the sweet birthday wish:)

xx raez