Thursday, July 29, 2010

Photo Diary: Our 167, 234, 678th Trip to L.A.!

Can you say Cutie Patootie!? A candid shot of a definite cutie patootie.
Use your imagination kiddos, there's a picturesque skyline behind me.
This location right here has sentimental value. Really.
Six Flags Magic Mountain...the ride is called Deja Vu. It has loops and twists and turns and spins get the idea?
WE LIKE BIG, RED TELEPHONE BOOTHS AND WE CANNOT LIE. We also cannot look in the camera's eye?
Chilling like villains in downtown L.A.'s 'Syrup.'
Oh hey. Just acting like a tourist.


Shazia said...

Thanks for capturing our days of young. We will look back at these one day, with our dentures and bifocals and laugh and cough ourselves into nostalgic euphoria.

peaitlreiecnia said...

your blog is such a cool read!

i love the drawn pictures but then all your outfit ones as well, i can totally identify with the random posting thing, i hardly ever get the time to post properly anymore but coming across blogs like yours makes me remember why i love this, i meet so many great people with such interesting lives!

i'm adding you to my blogroll fo sho

lots of love, have a super day!


THIS IS OH SO ADORABZZZ. I love all these photos. Especially the one of you as a cutie patutie baby batutie. (AW YEAH IT RHYMES. AW YEAH IT MAKES NO SENSE. Shush.)

And AW YEAH for cheesy tourist pose! I like the one leg up. It's a nice touch!

Looks like oodles of fun!

Anonymous said...

lucky :)

Melissa said...

That looks soo awesome! and you cant go around a big city without acting like a tourist, ITS WHAT WE DO! :D

super cute blog chick!!

Marcia B. said...

WOw your outfit is so great and colorful! I want to go to syrup!!! What did you get there?! You are so lucky! Thanks for your conmment btw! xx

Rania@FashioningFaith said...

Assalamu'alaikum, Urooba.

Thank you for visiting and following my style blog... :) I love your blog too. You have a fabulous and unique style... I'm following you too ;)
Would it be possible if I post some of your style pictures on my style blog? Thank you...

annisanican said...

nice photos! looks like you had a great time :D :D