Saturday, July 10, 2010

I don't mind being an academic recluse! I really don't!

This post will be quite brief.
It will be terse.
It will not lack brevity.
(So, studying SAT words does come in handy, hm. This is good. Especially since I decided not to take 'em, dear god).

It will swiftly and *eloquently* bring about Music of Summers Past. It will do so, without farther ado:


AND BAM! zinga zinga.

ALSO, YAY, I HAVE HAD SOME NEW FOLLOWERS! whoop whoop. This calls for more than two 'whoops', actually: whoop! I will be checking out blogs as soon as I'm home! (Can you believe I already am 500 posts behind on bloglovin'!? Whoa. I love cyberspace a little too much).

Ciao bellissimas! *continues soaking up the California sun*

4 comments: said...

I use to love new kids on the block!

Zabrinah said...

Haha. That shaggy song used to play on the radio so much!!! But that was years ago.

And hehe, those SAT words really are stuck in your head aren't they?



Marcia B. said...

I love the music selection! Goo girl!

Seema said...

Great post love your choices :)