Sunday, May 30, 2010

Contemplation with a side of les champignons.

I consulted this frequently while I was in high school.
(Oh hey there, just practicing using past tense and high school in the same sentence, no big d).

NEUTRAL, and then some.

I have zero inspiration at the moment.
I did absolutely nothing today.
I can't fathom how the time changed from 1 5 6 9 now, when the day is OVER.
I am confused as to why it is raining outside, albeit it is lighty, misty rain, but still...because it is FREAKIN' MAY.
I am also confused as to why this post, thus far, seems so damn cynical. Because, I'm in a perfectly neutral mood.
I am craving BBQ food at the moment. Ergo, orgasm in mouth.

There are loud, obnoxious people outside my bedroom window.
Also, a loud, obnoxious one indoors. Sleeping. Snoring. My dumb sis.

And, I leave you with a song from a movie that TURNED MY HEART ALL MUSHY-GUSHY. 'Letters to Juliet' "is such a cute movie!" [Somebody, please take me to Verona, Italy!]
Speaking of European destinations, let's shift our attention to South America:
According to,
"The Favela Painting project started in the slums of Rio de Janeiro after documentary filmmakers Haas&Hahn
completed an assignment filming a hip-hop film and decided to brighten up the rundown shanty town in the process. The result is a stunning rainbow patterned retouch of the neighbourhood, which has since expanded in scope to employ locals to paint the buildings."
 SO PRETTY, this should be done everywhere.

Oh, and right, here's the song:

Thanks everyone for the cool comments on my last post--you had me blushing mad!
++ outfit post soon, fellers!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Under Urooba's Umbrella: The "Prom" Post

*warning, image-heavy post.
Howdy, blogosphere!
Yes, folks, these are my "prom" pictures! The ones I'm supposed to cringe at when I'm, like, 50 [due to the fact I may have been sporting a horrendous-looking dress]. Well, I may not need to 'cause we don't live in the eighties! OH WAIT, MY DRESS ACTUALLY WAS FROM THE 80's.
(Here's a boring explanation as to why prom is in quotations: we don't call it prom here...we call it grad dinner/dance. But prom is shorter to type. I'm lazy. Go figure).

So, let's start with my outfit. After all, this is MY blog. Wouldn't want the limelight to be shining on anyone else, GASP. Blasphemous.

 Oh, look at me being all model-ly. [I'm posing in an alluring manner in Vancouver's Stanley Park].
  • dress: vintage Alfred Angelo via Value Village, $30 (my gr'amma added the sequins, though!)
  • sparkly heels (as seen on my last post): Value Village, $6
  • sequined hijab (really just fabric bought from the local fabric store): $8 
  • necklace: DIY
SO YES, MY PROM OUTFIT COST ME AROUND 44 DOLLARS. I'd say that's quite commendable. :D
[My mama almost made me buy a NORMAL prom dress from a NORMAL prom dress store, but I didn't let her.]
^The necklace I made. A little corny, cheeky fun never hurt a soul. [Look at me, using safety pins and whatnot. What a pro].
Yes, I know. Too gangsta fo sho.

And now, drum roll please...LET THE RANDOM PICTURES FROM "PROM" FLOW!
 Internet, meet my dumb sis. People think we're twins. Bah.

Group shot #1!

Blogosphere, also meet my BFF's in the daylight...

...and at night!

^In the party bus we rented--ONE OF THE BEST PARTS OF THE WHOLE NIGHT, absolutely.

The dance floor. LOL, I'm probably embarrassing some individuals right about now.

^Group photo numero deux!

Okay, phew. Bye, fellers!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Grad 2010 dinner/dance ["prom"] SNEAK PEEK

The title says it all. Just you wait, internet, as I obtain photographs from my l'il friendsies of ONE OF THE BEST WEEKENDS EVER. *Note: No hyperboles were used during the formation of this sentence fragment.

This may be egotistical to confess, but I did rather marvel quite frequently at my eye makeup, that my skillful hands, skillfully applied. I warned ya, egotistical.

Stay tuned, blogoshpere!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A REAL, LEGIT OUTFIT POST? A real, legit outfit post!

^It's been a while.

Since summer's a-fast-approaching, I thought I'd wear my faux-fur vest one last time, for good measure! My mother dug it up from her trunkload of clothes from the 80's and 90's.
And, I have not debuted my tie-dyed jeans on here, have I? Funny, I've worn 'em approximately a bajillion times.
                             ^Let us all collectively cheer for grainy photos. [*sigh* I wish I had a nice camera--#1 on my wishlist.]

^Let us all collectively cheer for awkward poses and fake smiles.

  • tie-dyed jeans: $15, Urban Planet (ooh, splurge)
  • sequined flats: $5, Urban Behaviour
  • plaid shirt: My dad's, lawls.
  • studded belt: $2.50, Warehouse One
  • Grandma-style bag: it actually is from my Grandma 
  • silver studded cuff: $1.50, Value Village [the other bracelet: Pakistan]

Let us all collectively cheer for the fact that, OH MY SHNITZELCRACKERS, my Commencement Ceremony is tomorrow!
And then Grad Dinner and Dance on Saturday! (iA)

Stoked. Toodles.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

♫I like boys that can tell a witty joke//and boys that do not like to smoke♫

A long breathy sigh is escaping my ruby red lips as of now.
Ah, I have free time. Lots and lots of it.
It's nice. Like, today, I watched A WHOLE HOUR OF TELEVISION.
With AP's done and done, I only have two classes: NORMAL math 12 and english 12.
So, school is a pretty novel concept right now. Very trivial.
Lol, "doing homework". Lol, "being on time for class".
Lol, "doing work in class."


AND YES, BLOGOSPHERE!, GRAD STUFF ["prom", commencement ceremony, dry after grad, etc.] IS THIS WEEKEND inshallah!
Lots of pictures! Of me! And others, possibly! I'm going to pretend you care, as I continue to gush!
Can you sense my excitement, blogosphere!? Because I am! Excited, that is!

In other fashiony news, I must proclaim my undying and burgeoning love for thrift shops. I LOVE YOU, THRIFT STORES. <3
I bought a Liz Claiborne dress for 4 bucks! And my commencement shoes for a mere 5 bucks!

**spoiler alert**My whole "prom" outfit cost me less than $50! How!? Stay tuned. ;)

Anyways, in my new found spare time, I can now do things such as:





It's a good life. Especially, when you DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS ANYMORE (!!!!): 

Also, I like comments from random strangers (as well as people I know). If you find yourself to be a random stranger (or a person I know), then....
 I mean, just sayin'. 

Sunday, May 9, 2010


[My dumb sis, my mummy, and moi... circa ...a long time ago].

Happy Mummy's Day!
'Cause I call my momma 'mummy.'  =)

Saturday, May 8, 2010


So guys, 
I felt it was important for you to know...

I had a sex reassignment surgery.

[Kidding. It was 'gender bender' day. I feel the need to correct myself because I am unsure if my extremely funny joke will read well over the internet].

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Eeenie Meenie Miney Moe. Should I study for AP exams or no?

A lazy saturday/sunday weekend that will transcend into Week Two of The Two Consecutive Busy Weeks of My Life.
It's not supposed to be lazy.
I'm supposed to be productive and what not.
But alas, this is a story told too often. Perhaps it is getting a bit redundant, is it not?
So before I delve deep into my soul and unearth any funky secrets that otherwise need not be unearthed, I'll stop.

^Well, my oh my, don't I sound spectacularly wise? Well, I'll be 18 (!) soon, in a few months (October), and sophisticated jargon will soon be second nature, will it not?
I'M NOT MAKING ANY SENSE. Ha, I'm not even trying to make sense.

THIS IS WHAT I WORE DURING THE SPEECH MEET [more on it later (maybe)]:
  • cobalt blue shirt with conversation-starter shoulder pads!--True Value Vintage, $5
  • that superb dress--vintage via Talize, $7
  • blue pumps--thrifted, $2.50
Paparazzi shot, yeow!

ALSO, if you need to evoke a little laughter into yo' life, I highly reccomend checking out this blog:
or even this blog:
 I know both bloggers personally--totes hilar!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


  • grad stuff, of course.
  • go to Value Village's 50% off sale! --[may 17th!]
  • READ for pleasure, finally. [I have a book list I must polish through!]
  • start DIY'ng that shirt I've been wanting to for ages and ages.
  • organize/clean my room [get rid of high school crap!]
  • go vintage shopping with Ruby!
  • see Bard on the Beach! [Shakespeare, in Vancouver] 
  • update my Wall of Fashion Inspiration of Extreme and Utterly Inspiring Inspiration  (WFIEUI)
  • read more TeenVogue!
  • + blog more.