Monday, January 3, 2011

The Generic Late Night/Early Morning Musings of Someone Caught Between Teenage-dom and Adulthood

Sticking my head outside my window has now become synonymous with looking through a kaleidoscope.
Same wonderment.
Be it a melting pot of aesthetically-appealing shades of purples, pinks, blues, oranges at sunset; or twinkling stars that blink and shine so vividly, so that they are a spectacle I can witness without any synthetic enhancements i.e. eyeglasses, contact lenses, at 2 AM: it's all f'amazingly pretty.

The act of opening my bedroom window / is like opening up a new perspective; refreshing; recharging. 
Let fresh air come in / Let new ideas be constructed
Allow potential parasitic elements to escape your 4-walled haven / Filter your mind with everything that is not proving to assist in improvement of any kind

---We interrupt this philosophical and brilliantly insightful insight to allow for a short commentary from the author of such musings---

Oh hello, there, lads and lasses! Just practicing being poetic. Gotta rev up for Creative Writing this coming semester.
What? You hath thought t'is was truly profound? Verily, thou hast been proven wrong.


hijabi hippie hypo said...

that was pretty awesome to read (minus the rude interruption) lol said...

:P happy new year by the way

jtz said...

I do that quite a lot, it gives me a break from the monotony of the world. Looking at the stars outside is soo beautiful. Your blog is truly inspirring. I really like this post, (before it was interrupted lol!)

Shahirah Elaiza said...

You're a natural so I wouldn't worry if I were you =)

Btw, I'm hosting a 30 Day Photo Challenge as my giveaway competition. Something I thought'd you'd be interested in so I had to tell ya!

Anonymous said...

Your writing never fail to crack me up.

And along the same theme of your post, I'm sure the creative writing class would be a 'breeze' for you. :)

Hope you dont mind that i've included you on my blogroll.