Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I suppose I have a genetic disposition to forming a kinship with words. Conducting flowery sentences, making them sing (in offbeat timbres, of course) has proved to be an enjoyable task for me from the beginning of my time. Here is my brilliant literacy (heh!) at age five:
*Agi (Ajji) and Api are nicknames used as a term of endearment (derived from the Urdu language). In this specific case, I use them to refer to The Coolest Cousins Ever (Sameea and Shazia Kamal)!

Hmph. And here I was, thinking I've always been the best speller. Well, I've been the best speller from age 6 and beyond; I"am absoltly shure off it.

Speaking of poetry and literary passages, tomorrow I shall be performing spoken word/slam poetry, for the first time as a university student! Past experiences with this magnificent art form have occurred in grade 11 and 12 English honours classes, Acting 12 class...and at a cool cafe in front of a *real* audience last May.
It's part of Islam Awareness Week, happening on campus- I-slam: Expressed. SO SPIFFY how word-play was able to derive from that!
Boonaa Mohammed will also be there!!!!! (This requires far more exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!)

Here. And you're welcome.

Boonaa Mohammed is a favourite spoken word artist, as well as Sarah Kay.



hijabi hippie hypo said...

aw the letter is sooo cute! and OMG Boonaa!!! awesome- I've seen him perform life he is just brilliant! <3 he was supposed to be doing a poetry workshop near me but it got cancelled :( anyways enjoy and I will watch some of the above videos! :))

p.s. - don't forget to enter my giveaway- if you want to :)

Anonymous said...

I love Boonnaa! He's amazingly talented mA. Hope you do wonderful inshAllah! Good luck :)

Denise Bomfim said...

Mash´Allah! I always said to you that you have a talent with the words. Congratulations for your prize Best Blog 2010! I am sure you will have a lot more.
P.S: in the future you will write for a wonderful magazine and I will buy it in order to read your words. Kisses.

Aasia said...

Hey Urooba,
congrats on winning the spoken word contest! It must've been so much fun, too bad for provincials otherwise me n my sister wudd be there to cheer for u too lol. I was wondering tho if you had a video of the event. If you do, please post it soon inshallah :)

!♥ m i m i said...

Woah oh man poetry slam is so cool! Thanks for posting these videos. I really liked Sarah Kay's "Hands" and "B". It's so interesting how she can go off on a tangent and still come back to the original topic without missing a beat.

It looks like so much fun haha

If I get accepted into UBC, let's go to poetry slam nights together? :D I won't be doing the slamming, I'll just be there to snap and enjoy haha