Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Tale of the Girl with the Tumblr

      Once upon a time, many many millenniums ago, there lived a young lass, in the faraway, secluded temperate rainforests of British Columbia.
       Because she enjoyed infiltrating every aspect of the social media and the then-new media landscape, she decided to jump on the wagon...and make a Tumblr.
       Now, the truth is jaded, as this tale is very old. Primary and even secondary sources have been destroyed and have eroded over the years. However, there is much speculation as to why this fair young lady decided to create a Tumblr.
       Some suggest that it was the happy medium between her Twitter account and her blog. Twitter's 140 character limit often dampened her spirits, but Blogger's intimidating assumptions that those who used the blogging platform would always publish very long posts, made her quite apprehensive at times too.
      Others mused that it may be that the damsel found it difficult to blog about her other interests on her main blog, Under Urooba's Umbrella (these other interests that extended beyond vintage fashion and writing) not because of fears of haphazard and messy aggregation of content, but because she needed a prompt to blog about such other interests. Such prompts included an article, a video, a picture, etc. Tumblr was set up to be used as an online bulletin board where various media clippings could be posted, and short commentary could accompany said clippings with great ease. This promise of great ease cast a great spell upon the young mademoiselle and she willingly obliged with her inner desires.
       It is also said that the girl's dying wish was to have all of her lovely UUU blog readers follow her on Tumblr. She said she would not haunt those individuals who chose to do so. Here's the link: Just to be safe, y'know?

......So y'all should follow her on Tumblr. I mean, just sayin'. To have a medieval phantom wreaking havoc in your life...oiii. *shudder*

It has also been rumoured, and this here is my own research, the Girl with the Tumblr Blog, was a self-proclaimed maximalist. She defined maximalism as having characteristics of the following photos:
[mini] who what wear? 
photo numero uno:
  • denim jacket: Fas in Frank's alley sale (post coming about this epicness of epic proportions), ~$1.40
  • red beaded necklace: Value Village, $1
  • studded cuff: VV, $1.50
  • rings: Pakistan
  • silver necklace: Suzy Shier, $1.50
  • blue bubble tank: Ardene's, $5
photo numero deux 
  • gorgeous vintage lace and sequined dress: Fas in Frank's alley sale (post coming about this epicness of epic proportions), ~$1.40
  • pearl and gold chain necklace: gifted, Aldo
  • belt: Joe Fresh, $3
  • gold cuff: gifted, Forever 21
  • black and silver bracelet, gifted
  • crazy cool ring: Charlotte Russe, $1
  • gold and black zebra print scarf, H&M, $5
xoxo, dear comrades. (And 186 followers? Ooo!)


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Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

Aw, anon, your enthusiasm is so cute. :)

Denise Bomfim said...

Salam, Urooba! How are you?
I wrote about you again; take a look at my blog. I hope you like it.
Best wishes from Brazil.
P.S: I am waiting to see the HFW...