Sunday, May 29, 2011

[2nd Bi-Annual Hjiabi Fashion Week]: Day One - Work Wear "La Mode of Money-Making"

Hey you! Would you like to witness an "international event drawing readers from more than 70 countries" who's main purpose is to "provide inspiration for fashionably modest yet, hijab-friendly attire for all types of occasions"-kinda like Fashion Week, but online, and our version of it!?  Do you dream of seizing the opportunity to be a part of a showcase where "Muslim bloggers showcase new looks everyday for a week under a variety of different categories, ranging from work to weekend wear and everything in between?" Do you salivate at the prospect of knowing this event "isn't only for Muslims or Hijabis, [but] for anyone with an interest in dressing fashionably modest?"

Well then, let me be the first to inform you that the apocalypse (re: May 21st) just may have been good for you, for all your primal desires are being fulfilled!

Yup, it's that time of the year again: Hijabi Fashion Week. November 2010's event was so successful that it would have been criminal not to hold it again. This year, the lovely organizers  (Em from Modesty Theory and Asma from Haute Muslimah) have made the event bigger and better--we've got sponsors and giveaways galore! (

You're going to want to check  UUU every single day! Don't roll your eyes and snort in a neo-barbaric manner--yours truly is actually going to be blogging 7 consecutive days in a row! I swear by the hairs on my chinny-chin-chin.

Starting today. With work wear, as it has been made plaintively obvious by the post title.
This photo symbolizes the over-lapping [of emotions], mental-disorder-inducing, kaleidoscopic process that is choosing a career. 
A timeline of my career prospects:
  • age 0 to grade three: indifferent/unaware. Was Teacher's Pet so the tasks of handing out worksheets, admiring shiny gold star stickers, and rolling my eyes snootily at the delinquents who gave wrong answers was the only job that provided me with true satisfaction. I did not need to consider other options.
  • grade four to grade five: an artist. Ah, Neil Buchanan from 'Art Attack' (OMG--WHO REMEMBERS!?!?!) had such a profound impact on me. Blissfully unaware of the "starving-artist complex", I was sure I wanted nothing else to do in life but sketch profiles of 25 year old women and Mickey mouse. (I got pretty darn good, if I do say so myself).
[photo, in order to break up text]:

  •   grade seven: Here is an actual quote from my grade seven yearbook: "In 10 years I'll probably be studying to be something--I don't know what it is yet. Hopefully, I'll be a part-time interior designer or fashion designer. Psst--my parents want me to be a doctor, but I don't want to!" Haha.
  • grades eight through the second-last month of grade twelve: Doctor. Duh. Dermatologist, if matters of specificity are not to be taken lightly. Why consider anything else? (Some of you older blog readers have lived through this shift! :))
  • this past year: I don't know and I am perfectly content with this as of right now. :) Diplomacy, law, journalism? Activist for a non-profit organization, documentarian, photojournalist, snooty academic? 
who what wear? 
  • electric blue blazer, $5, Value Village 
  • black stiletto booties, $5, random thrift store

  • blue metallic button up, $3, thrifted

  • silver metallic over-sized snakeskin clutch, $4, thrifted

  • 4. [outfit commentary]: Most professions require a blazer. However, it need not be boring. Electric blue is a deviation from your usual grays, blacks and navies. But haven't you heard?--I like to deviate. Add some power-heels (a la 'power suit'), and you're good to go. Good to rake in dough like a bourgeois.   
  • Links you must click: 
    • To see how I styled 'Work Wear' during HFW Novemeber 2010 click HERE! 
    • To see how girls from around the globe dress for work/will dress for work click HERE!

Toodles! See you tomorrow for Day Two!


IFA Athirah said...

just one word.awesome!!!! ^_^

Fatima said...

I remember art attack! ONE PART WATER, ONE PART PVA GLUE.

Beautiful outfit. I <3 the shoes!

Hannah Muminah said...

wow ! so chic
I love your style and especially those metallic accessories
a future-hip activist you are !!

Shums said...

Loving the bright blue blazer and the shiny accessories~! Great look <3 :)

Anonymous said...

Love the blue blazer! Gorgeous. :)

Denise Bomfim said...

Salam, Urooba! Electric blue! Electric Urooba! Amazing looks.

Shahirah Elaiza said...

Love the blazer yaar! <3

Anonymous said...

Art Attack! Longing for those days of paper mache and oh-so-cool collages...
But I'm contented with seeing your arty shots! Love the blue blazer! *whining* I wanna shop at your thrift stores too ..... :p

Oh btw i couldnt access your page through your link on the lovehfw page. I'm not sure if its just me tho.

YazmiinAktar said...

love the big clutch and photo effects sister!



Humairah said...

Your style is awesome, gotta love the blazer! You've gained yourself a follower! x

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